Spotlight: Kit Harington

Kit Harington

Game of Thrones favorite, Kit Harington is still fairly new to the professional acting scene, but you’d never know it with how prolific he has become. Famous for his character’s terrible luck and luscious dark curls, Kit Harington only seems to retain one of those qualities in his real life.

In the style world, Kit is the perfect example of using basic staples to create a complete wardrobe. He tends to wear dark neutrals, which means they can be combined in a ton of different ways. Building a wardrobe with basics and neutrals allows the greatest number of unique outfits with the least amount of individual pieces. Even his glasses are dark and classic.

kit harington

The basics that Kit embraces the most are: leather jackets, peacoats, henleys, button ups in solid and plaid, and well-fitting t-shirts. WAMSW has talked about all of these individually, and they are great together or separately. 

He also finds ways to dress up jeans, by choosing dark colors and pairing them with nice shirts. Dark wash, grey, or black jeans appear more like trousers, so they look more sophisticated.

kit harington

Kit’s hair is an interesting length, and could potentially be very awkward. He avoids this with his natural curly texture and by keeping it well kept up. His hair is shiny, not frizzy, and looks more disheveled than out of control (hint: this is the sweet zone). 

While rumor has it that Jon Snow knows nothing, it is clear Kit Harington has caught on to how to have a simple, but classic wardrobe that works in almost any setting.


A Man’s (should be) Wish List

I always struggle to find Christmas presents for the men in my family, but I thought I would compile a list of go to gifts that every man can use, even if they aren’t terribly exciting.

Interesting ties and/or tie clips

Interesting ties and tie clips

Textured blazers

Textured blazers

A classic peacoat or other dress outerwear

Peacoats and dressy outerwear

Boots or other high quality footwear

Leather footwear

Something leather

Something leather

Something cozy

something cozyJust make sure that whatever you decide to purchase, it suits your man’s personality. It’s not worth buying something they will never wear.

This and That

Let’s play a game of This and That, a game I’m inventing where I give you a picture or two and we talk about the differences and whether or not one is better.

Round 1: Let’s Start at the Top Fran and his lovely locks Okay, here we have two pictures of the lovely and ever talented Fran Kranz. In both pictures his hair is disheveled, but one is elegant and the other eccentric. Now the right picture is still charming in a quirky, Fran Kranz-ian way, but I think we can all agree that the left is more appropriate for most occasions. Really the left is a good demonstration of what I love in a hair style, long enough that it has texture without looking dirty or like a mad scientist.

Round 2: The Chambray Shirt

Chambray ShirtsThis pairing actually has no clear winner, it is just a question of location and appropriateness. The left has an inherent raw rock and roll feel to it, with skinny jeans, boots, and a white V-neck. It is a casual and confident look. The right is a more sophisticated look that may even be appropriate for more casual workplaces. By buttoning the shirt all the way, like one would a dress shirt, and pairing it with non-denim trousers it becomes a more polished look.

Round 3: The Waistcoat / Vest

Logan and Andy and VestsThis one is also less of a “better or worse” case and more of a “read the room” scenario. Logan Lerman’s (left) look is more formal with a tie and a tucked in shirt, while Andy Murray’s (right) is willfully casual with a slightly rumpled shirt. I would give some preference to Logan’s look because the fit is spot on and the outfit holds more visual interest with the stripes and noticeable buttons. Also this is apparently the standard “I’m wearing a vest” pose.

Round 4: Same Event, Different Take

Daniel and Tyler Go to a PartyAt a recent Comic Con connected event, Teen Wolf costars Daniel Sharman (left) and Tyler Posey (right) chose very different outfits. While both are casual, and as far as I’m aware, appropriate for said event, one is the clear winner in my (and WAMSW’s) book. Daniel’s simple grey button-up tucked into dark jeans and a leather belt is an understated classy. Posey’s t-shirt fits well, but it and his hat are inherently more casual, especially when bedecked in logos. If Daniel’s shirt looks inadequately tucked in, that’s just because he is exceedingly tall.

Round 5: Too Classy and Cool

Zac and John Look Better than YouPlain and simple, you should own both of these outfits; these men look incredible. Zac Efron (left) is dressing up his comfy airport look with a textured (possibly tweed) blazer and a sophisticated take on a duffel bag. John Krazinski (right) on the other hand is turning a crisp white shirt and well pressed trousers a little dangerous with a leather jacket and wayfarers. Well done, sirs, well done.

Final Round: The Classic WAMSW Focus on Fit

Fitty FitObserve. One is unnecessarily huge, the other fits. One Jacket nips in at the waist, one hangs like an old sack. One has legs, the others has tents that may contain legs. If this isn’t enough for you, look to Steve Carell’s makeover by Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love and how much better he looks once he actually buys the right size suit.

How did you score in my made-up game? In this version, like Who’s Line is it Anyway, the points don’t really matter. But in real life:

My friend sent me this lovely graphic…or man’s, or your own….

Leather Jackets

Now the weather is starting to get a little chilly, but seeing as it is not down-right cold yet, we’ve entered that magical, confusing time of jackets. And the king of said category? Why leather, of course. Nothing else could be so timeless, classy, and a little rebellious at the same time. It’s so easy to send a message with a leather jacket, as well as block that pesky wind, but finding the right one is no simple task.

I’ve searched the web for a selection of nice jackets in different colors and  features. The ones I settled on are all currently for sale at Nordstroms, Express, or Burberry. If you know anything about these stores/brands, you know that also provides a rather large range of prices. Now we all know I love me some Burberry (see: Eddie Redmayne), but their prices are ridiculous and there is no need to spend that kind of money on clothes. If for some reason you have access to such items and brands, by all means wear it all, but for us common folk, cheaper jackets will do just fine. Honestly, I don’t even care if it is real leather, just so long as it looks like real leather. (Bonus perk of the fake stuff: you don’t need to fear rain).

Let’s take a brief tour of the examples and what they are doing right:

Top Left: Grey is a refreshingly unexpected color for this type of jacket, but not so out there that it looks wrong. It’s also a slim fit, without garish zippers or collar. It also has subtle detailing on the shoulders for some added interest.

Bottom Left: Similar to the grey jacket, but in a more traditional brown. It’s a crisp style that pretty much can’t go wrong.

Center Left: I thought I would have advised against belted and the pronounced pockets, but this jacket makes it work. Wearing it open, like the model does, allows these details to be interesting, not overwhelming. It fits close to the body and has just enough biker to make it tough. Not sure how it would look when actually belted though, maybe steer clear of that.

Center Right: Another unexpected like, the sheepskin collar. Normally I’m not a fan of sheepskin or fur on coats because it is too overwhelming, and often tacky cheap looking, but this just has the old school bomber feel (like WWI old school). Also this jacket is doing wonders for his frame. This no doubt skinny model looks broad and strong with help from the epaulettes and the cut in at the waist.

Top right: Basically the black version of the first two. The collar is a little larger, but basically a clean, simple go to.

Bottom Right: A polished look, with cuffs, a little extra play around the collar, and extra detailing around the zipper.

I know this post is getting long, but here are a few tips on styling your jacket (because we don’t want you regretting that semi-hefty purchase):

The Classic, Rebel Without a Cause: take a cue from French bad/pretty boy Gaspard Ulliel and pair your jacket with a white v-neck and some Ray Ban Wayfarers. Cigarette optional.

The Singer/Songwriter: Look to newcomer musician and Burberry model Roo Panes with a no fuss jacket and jeans, and what appears to be a t-shirt and converse. For extra oh so sensitive man appeal, add lyric notebook.

The Coolest Kid in School: Josh Hutcherson rocks his leather jacket/s anywhere and everywhere. Here he has it with a tank, khakis, and always ready Ray Bans for a more relaxed look.

The Dapper Scholar: A sweater, nice trousers, loafers, and thick-rimmed glasses give Ryan Gosling that curl up by the fire look, while the jacket and military style bag give him a little extra edge.

The Sophisticated Beau:  Whoever this is has perfect fitting clothes and the combination of dress clothes and a leather jacket is nigh irresistible. Skinny tie and leather jacket gets almost instant results, I promise.