Spotlight: Bob Morley

Sorry for the long delay. I don’t even have a good excuse, I’ve had this post in mind for quite awhile.

Spotlights are simultaneously the easiest and hardest posts to write. I can talk about actors and shows and characters all day, but those are not the point of this blog. I could go on and on about how quickly I got sucked into the world of The 100 or how Bellamy Blake has quickly become one of my favorite characters in anything, or how it is completely endearing that Bob Morley appears to be a bit of a nerd.

As for style, Bob Morley’s is pretty much as simple as it comes. A combination of t-shirts, over-shirts or jackets, over-sized sweaters, and baseball caps. Like a weirdly large selection of baseball hats. (My favorite is the Blake one seen here)

bob morley

Half the time his sweaters are a size too big, and his hair is always unpredictable, but at least a little bit a mess. But a selection of well-fitting white, black, and grey t-shirts go well under any type of sweater or jacket.

At Cons and fan appearances he wears t-shirts and hats that reference other pop culture (as you know, I’m not always a fan of these types of things, but Cons are definitely a place to wear them, and I am always a fan of unapologetic enthusiasm.) I also may have witnessed a picture of him wearing a shirt that quotes Shania Twain, which, is just pure gold.

His glasses (which wow, his face didn’t need anymore help, but okay) are strong frames, but don’t overpower his face. Oval shaped faces can get away with most glasses styles, and angular jawlines (and/or heart shaped faces) also do well with squared frames. The matte black keeps them from being too flashy, but just funky enough.

bob morley1

The 100 is Bob Morley’s first real entrance into American TV. (Like all Australian actors, he did a stint on Neighbours. No really, any Australian actor you can name has been on Neighbours at some point.) And he has totally embraced who he is. He is actually quite open about how this was/is a struggle for him as a biracial kid growing up in a small town.

Find your uniform that helps you be you. Whether that is a white t-shirt or a freshly-pressed button-up, there is no reason you can look great while embracing yourself and your style.

While you do that, I’ll be off waiting for season 4 of The 100.



Subtlety is Key

“Menswear is about subtlety. It’s about good style and good taste” -Alexander McQueen

There’s a reason we have so often warned against clothes, particularly t-shirts, with obvious logos, brand names, or photos on them. Even if it is a well-know, well-respected, or frankly, expensive brand, having a logo branded across your chest looks a little less than sophisticated.

Also this

Truth from Ian Bohen

is a problem most easily hidden with plain, nondescript shirts.

But, occasionally, a shirt is just too good to pass up or let go. So here’s what you do when that is the case:

Note: Funny phrases are rarely as clever as you think they are. Avoid trying to wear your humor on your literal sleeve.

Aim for black and white or a neutral and one other color. This keeps even a busy image simple and doesn’t draw the eye to quiet the same degree.

Another way to tone down the message/focus on the shirt is to layer. Use another shirt or jacket to cover part of the design, making it interesting, but not the focus.

subtle logos

There are times where it is okay to try to be witty – and that is when you are unabashedly, but subtlely, reping yourself. This Stark Direwolf/Iron Man shirt is clever, but it is infinitely better on Kit Harrington and Robert Downey Jr. It’s an extra level of inside joke. Most people can’t really get this, but you know, it was worth mentioning.

Too Clever

And my personal favorite is this hat:


Bob Morely wearing this hat at Comic Con is a clear reference to his character, Bellamy Blake. But, the hat is vague enough that it could literally refer to anything. I want one – do I love the retired tennis player James Blake, or the Romantic poet William Blake, the character Bellamy Blake? You don’t know*! I love it.

*It’s a trick question, the answer is all three. (Although full disclosure: my favorite Romantic poet is John Keats. I would gladly accept a hat that read “Keats.”