Meet the Authors

Founded by two women who appreciate any and all well-dressed men. We’ve since welcomed another kindred spirit to our ranks. The one on the left likes ’em manly but put together, the one in the middle likes ’em trendy but classy and the one on the right likes ’em refined, but masculine. Welcome.

authors page

-Rachel, Amy, and Bekah



4 thoughts on “Meet the Authors

  1. Ladies, I’m a 27 Yr old guy who likes to dress welland impress, but find matching clothes and outfits a nightmare, browsed through the whole of the blog and loved it. Long may it continue. Than ks for all the helpful advice from the perspective that matters, hot young girls 😉 keep up the good work x

  2. Oh and can you do a piece on advice for styles and cuts for skinny guys! according to the shops all guys have a 40in chest, and a waist like a character from the film 300. Cheers!

  3. Hello! I love that I stumbled upon this website!! Could you possibly write an article about the best place to get some of the things you write about? (Ex. suits, blazers, shoes, pants, shirts, accessories, etc) as well as the best bargin websites maybe? My biggest problem with dressing well is the price. I know you have to spend good money to get good things, but it would still be helpful. Thanks! Keep doing what you’re doing!!

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