Trend Watch: Australian Open

Tennis is one of the few professional sports that doesn’t have a set uniform. For this reason, tennis fans spend a lot of time judging people’s outfits…or at least my family does. But truly, the professional tennis world is a good place to spot upcoming trends in athletic wear.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been watching the Australian Open too carefully this time around (the 18 hour time difference makes it a real commitment), but I’ve definitely noticed some trends that I expect we will see in stores shortly.

#1) Nike is pushing neon pink and green combos. This look is prevalent in both the men’s and women’s draws. It’s bright and fun, and athletic clothes are the perfect place to play with brighter colors. Besides, who doesn’t love manly men unabashedly wear hot pink?

Pink and Green in the Australian Open

#2) Men’s shorts are getting shorter. We aren’t quite to 1980s levels of shortness yet (thank goodness), but hemlines are definitely creeping up. This might be more particular to sports like tennis, but I bet we generally see a decline in the bagginess of athletic shorts. (Spoiler alert: we’ve been headed this way at least since the World Cup)

Australian Open & World Cup 2014

#3) So is their hair. The men of the ATP cutting off their hair is less of a trend than slow conversion. Notable changes for he better: Federer, Nadal, and most recently Feliciano Lopez. Lopez is one of those guys that can and will be handsome no matter what, but his looks have made the move from Fabio to currently employed model. Notable changes for the eh: James Blake. Blake, now retired, had some of the most distinctive hair in the sport (natural dreads), shaving them off may have lost him some of his boyish charm, but it also may have made him more sophisticated (and let’s be honest, nothing could really get rid of the Blake charm). But really, long hair gets sweaty and that is not a good look.

Before and After: Lopez & Blake

#4) Non-athletic brands making athletic clothing. Thomas Berdych is wearing H&M. Djockovic and Nishikori have been wearing Uniqlo for at least a couple of years. And of course, Lacoste is the go to brand for walking the line between fashion and sports. Tired of what you see at the sporting goods store? Look outside the box.

Australian Open 2015

And because I can write/talk/think about tennis without writing/talking/thinking about Andy Roddick. Andy Roddick.


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