Spotlight: Jamie Dornan

When trying to decide on this month’s Spotlight, I flipped through my archives and saw quite a few of Mr. Jamie Dornan. The Irish actor and model is no stranger to well layered, quality clothes, so he is a perfect Spotlight.  And honestly I had to do it before 50 Shades of Grey came out, because, well, yeah.

Jamie Dornan will always be Graham/the Huntsman and Count Axel Fersen to me (and an unnervingly attractive serial killer to my sister-in-law). And while his attractiveness may be amplified by his delightful accent, this is a still photo appreciation of his style, so it isn’t quite as biased.

Let’s start with luxurious layers:

Jamie Dornan

There are a lot of great ways to layer clothes and they all amplify an outfit. Even if it is throwing a jacket or a sweater over a t-shirt, you already look more put together. Layers also allow you to mix patterns and colors to keep it visually interesting.

Recently my dad bought a button-down shirt that he decided was far to bright for him to wear, so he threw a sweater over it, and it was instantly toned down, but still retained some of the excitement.

That said, Jamie tends to stick to neutrals and primary colors.

Jamie Dornan - Irish Actor/Model


Mr. Dornan has also mastered the art of facial hair. Whether he is clean shaven or scruffy, it is always in an effort to emphasize his cheekbones. His beard is never too long or unkempt, and it tends to also hit just below his cheekbones, which is exactly where you want it.

As much as I don’t understand some of Jamie Dornan’s more recent  role selections, he clearly has a bright future in front of him in both film and fashion. His looks are classic and sexy and definitely ones to replicate.


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