Where to Find What to Wear for Less

We can go on and on about how wonderful the clothes and accessories from Burberry, J. Crew, and Ray Ban are, but designer clothing adds up fast.

I’ve always thought it was funny that fashion is aimed at the young, but the young usually can’t afford it. Luckily, there are some places that are changing that idea.

One of my favorite bargain fashion stores is H&M. Usually I see about one look in a store each time I go in, not so with H&M; there is no shortage of great clothes in H&M. And now that the stores are becoming even more widespread, these looks are even more accessible.

Here’s a sample of great H&M fare, all for under $40:

H&M looks for under $40

Also on my lists of favorites is Express. Express is usually a little more expensive than H&M, but it also tends to have quite a few work-ready looks for great prices.

Express can range from super casual to totally professional suits and button-ups. Also they have an incredible color selection.

This selection has a slightly higher price ceiling ($150) because of the reasonably priced leather jacket (everything else here is available for under $70):

Express looks for under $150

If you are looking for some statement pieces without breaking the bank, Urban Outfitters is worth checking out. They can be sort of hit or miss, because there is a fine line between stylishly worn-in and flat-out destroyed. While they are good for finding different pieces then you may find in a standard department store, be careful that you aren’t overpaying for a t-shirt either.

Here’s some quality piece for under $55:

Urban Outfitters looks for under $55

I’m also a big fan of Topman (the men’s version of Topshop), which is still establishing its presence in the US. I visited a few Topman shops when I live in England and they seemed like a uni student go to for trendy looks. They definitely have some clothes that fall into higher price ranges, but that allows for more variety.

Here are some of the more reasonably priced looks, all falling under $55:

Topman looks for under $55Always remember that price does not equal quality, but when you are looking for looks that cost less, check them out; make sure your new shirt won’t fall apart the first time you wear it or wash it.

These are just a few stores that I’ve noticed and their online looks didn’t fail to impress either. Let us know if there is anywhere you love to go for looks for less. There are always surprising finds in surprising stores, so keep your eyes pealed for reasonably-priced goodness.

This post was inspired by a comment, so let us know what you would like to see on WAMSW.


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