Denim Jackets

I’ll be the first to admit that it took me awhile to get back on the denim jacket train after the early 2000s, but here I am. But let’s be real, they have gotten a lot classier.

We’ve already talked about double denim, and those rules still stand, so here I’ll talk about the jacket as a single item, rather than as part of an outfit.

As always, fit is key. Denim jackets have obvious seams, which are the perfect fit guides. The shoulder seams should sit exactly on the top of your shoulder. (see Matthew Lewis below)

denim jackets

It should fit smooth across the shoulders and with a little wiggle room in the waist.

When it comes to color you actually have a broader array of acceptable colors than you do with trousers. You should keep your pants dark, but your jacket can be a nice medium shade.  Even light jackets can be alright if they have a vintagey feel, but it is a little hipstery, so if that isn’t your scene, just beware.

not your 90s jean jacket

Lighter jackets should look lived in. And no matter what, avoid the acid wash.

Denim jackets can be really stiff, so make sure you find a comfortable one or prepare yourself to break it in for awhile. Denim jackets are casual, but go with almost anything.


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