Men in Technicolor

Posts have been coming a little slower lately because of things like finals and dissertations, but this post felt appropriate for end of school/early summer exuberance.

We’ve talked about color. But this isn’t your light blue work button-up, or even your bright red t-shirt. No. This is neon. This is music festivals, catwalks, and Stefon worthy clubs. Or, you know, anywhere you are willing to wear something a little more exciting.

But let’s ease you in:

technicolor step 1

Start small. Sure a jacket or pants might be a more significant investment, but when paired with neutrals it won’t overwhelm you. They still might get you double-takes, but you’re not going to shock anyone.

If that is still too much for you, try accessories like ties, watches, or pocket squares. These smaller pieces are also great for workplaces with stricter dress codes or more formal events.

The next step up:

technicolor step 2

These looks are another great way to ease into technicolor. They are bright and loud, but they’re casual. They can be toned down with neutrals or punched up with contrasting colors and prints. Casual looks tend to be cheaper, so you don’t have to stress about buying a piece that you’ll want to ditch in a season or two.

But let’s be real, technicolor will never totally go out of style.

Now for true commitment:

technicolor step 3

If you are really dedicated to living the technicolor life, or your band name is something like Neon Trees, invest in some more significant pieces. Bright suits and/or button ups make a true statement, especially when paired with each other. I really applaud anyone who isn’t a celebrity or fashion mogul and still dares to rock these looks. Be brave, be you.

Just be sure to check with your office event dress code before you go too wild.

Life is more exciting with a little color.


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