LinkFest: Passing Things We Love on to You

We don’t do this often (because we want you to stay here, not go gallivanting around the web), but there is a lot of great stuff out there and we thought we’d share some of our favorites.

Buy some: Happy Socks comes on recommendation from author John Green. He can be seen wearing some green argyle gems on his interview with Stephen Colbert. The Swedish company provides a range of bright and colorful socks, which are on trend and just happy.

Happy Socks

Read up on: Esquire provides some info on avoid party fouls and make friends when partying with non-drinkers.

Get inspired by: Scruffy Men in Suits.  Aspire to be worthy of a feature on this Tumblr.

Check out: OneRepublic. I know you’ve probably heard of them, but I just saw them in concert and they are even better live. These men are crazy talented multi-instrumentalists and vocalists.


Get psyched for: Fury. I am so there for this movie. This looks to be an emotionally raw and realistic war movie full of impressive acting. Also the red carpet promises to be a fine display of menswear. Just don’t pull a Shia LaBeouf and wear a paper bag in public.

Keep an eye out for: World Cup haircuts. While you’re watching the world’s favorite sport, take in some cutting edge and interesting hair styles.

Every man should know etiquette, music, film, books, current events, sports, etc. because what is better than a well-rounded man.


Spotlight: Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort

I’m willing to bet big money that you had not heard of Ansel Elgort a year ago. In fact, he hadn’t starred in anything before 2013. But his name is hard to avoid now, having starred along side Shailene Woodley in both The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent in the last year. This 20 year-old is on his way up.

His youth and rising star make him the perfect style guide to watch. Generally his look is crisp and simple, which makes it easier to imitate and also a perfect canvas to experiment on with interesting pieces.

Crisp and simple

However, Mr. Elgort also isn’t afraid to try some unconventional looks. One thing you can see in a lot of his looks is color blocking. You can mix more colors or shades of a color when they are crisply divided. It is also a very trendy look at the moment. Shoes are an easy way to embrace this trend.

Since Ansel is a pretty tall guy he can wear a lot of color and not have it overwhelm him, especially when it is paired with more neutral colors. Also by choosing a full, solid suit in a bright color, that color becomes more of neutral for that outfit.

Colorful Ansel

Ansel is pretty young and hasn’t played around with too much in the realm of facial hair, but his figured out a hairstyle that adapts with his look. By choosing a length that can be worn down and natural or with product and shaping allows easy versatility.

Ansel Elgort is one to watch. He demonstrated his talent in the impressive TFIOS and is lined up to continue the blockbuster Divergent series, so he isn’t going anywhere soon.

Men in Technicolor

Posts have been coming a little slower lately because of things like finals and dissertations, but this post felt appropriate for end of school/early summer exuberance.

We’ve talked about color. But this isn’t your light blue work button-up, or even your bright red t-shirt. No. This is neon. This is music festivals, catwalks, and Stefon worthy clubs. Or, you know, anywhere you are willing to wear something a little more exciting.

But let’s ease you in:

technicolor step 1

Start small. Sure a jacket or pants might be a more significant investment, but when paired with neutrals it won’t overwhelm you. They still might get you double-takes, but you’re not going to shock anyone.

If that is still too much for you, try accessories like ties, watches, or pocket squares. These smaller pieces are also great for workplaces with stricter dress codes or more formal events.

The next step up:

technicolor step 2

These looks are another great way to ease into technicolor. They are bright and loud, but they’re casual. They can be toned down with neutrals or punched up with contrasting colors and prints. Casual looks tend to be cheaper, so you don’t have to stress about buying a piece that you’ll want to ditch in a season or two.

But let’s be real, technicolor will never totally go out of style.

Now for true commitment:

technicolor step 3

If you are really dedicated to living the technicolor life, or your band name is something like Neon Trees, invest in some more significant pieces. Bright suits and/or button ups make a true statement, especially when paired with each other. I really applaud anyone who isn’t a celebrity or fashion mogul and still dares to rock these looks. Be brave, be you.

Just be sure to check with your office event dress code before you go too wild.

Life is more exciting with a little color.