Sporty Chic

The weather’s getting warmer, which means I’ve seen a lot of basketball shorts. I get it, they are comfortable and keep you cool. However, they also look pretty lazy and immature. So let’s just agree up front to shelve the sport shorts unless you are a t home or actually exercising.

We have already posted about favorable alternatives for shorts, so I thought I’d take this in a bit of a different direction.

So, you are a sporty guy. You like being active and maybe support some teams. Here is how you can show that side of your personality without donning jerseys or logos.

Baseball Tees and Henleys

Baseball tees are a classic All-American look that reads young and active. They come in a wide range of color combinations and don’t need to be layered to look good.

Henleys have a similar vibe, although a little less casual. These are great go-to shirts that are manly, but also look polished. They tend to be dark or neutral colors in my experience.

Faux Letterman Jackets and Shorts

For colder weather, you could try a faux Letterman jacket, which, lucky for you, are very trendy right now. These are lighter weight and less logo-ed than your real jacket from high school. Similar styles can even be found in cardigans and variations on track jackets. Layer these with more sophisticated looks for a grown up version.

I’m also going to talk about the shorts in the picture above because they are basically the real man’s version of basketball shorts. These particular ones are from J. Crew. They are a lightweight cotton instead of fleece or some synthetic material (like most sweats and gym shorts are), which means they are still comfortable and cool without looking horrible. The nice slim fit looks polished, while the draw string keeps them casual.

Several of these looks come from Express and J. Crew’s current collections.

We are not asking you to ditch your comfort or your athletic look, we just would like you to step it up a notch.


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