Easter Suits

As a little girl, one of my favorite parts of Easter was getting a new springy dress and I vaguely remember my brother often getting a new dress shirt or tie that was a little bit brighter or more colorful than usual. But shouldn’t you do the same now that you’re an adult? And why not really go for it and invest in a suit that says spring?

You could go for a pastel shirt (like those we talked about in Lightness of Spring) with one of your regular suits, but just this once go all out. It’s totally on trend.

Just like colored jeans get huge a couple of years ago, today we are seeing unexpected colors in everything. While some are better than others, we applaud this risk that has permeated the runways, if not the sidewalks just yet.

pastel easter suitsPastel suits are a preppy look, but need to fit perfectly to avoid veering into Dumb and Dumber territory. These are also a fairly seasonal look, so know that before investing too much. You can probably wear them throughout spring and summer and you will make an impact when you do. Coordinate your accessories with the same color in darker hues to keep the look more subtle, or take a risk and really stand out by donning the opposite color on the color wheel.

more neutral easter suitsIf you don’t think you would get enough wear out of a colored suit to make it worth your money, which is totally understandable, you can go for a more neutral option.

White suits, and the very, very light blue above, are also probably restricted to the spring/summer seasons, but they are perfect for any summer weddings or formal work retreats that you are planning on attending.

The light grey suit is a great option for any time of year, as is a brighter than navy blue suit. Punch up these suits with fun pops of bright color, like the pink on Idris Elba to make them springy and fun.

Whatever your choice, make sure you embrace this freedom from the winter darkness (which has its own perks, I’ll admit) and have fun with your wardrobe.


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