The Wardrobe of Youth

WAMSW often focuses on the younger half of the adult male spectrum. We know this. But that does not, in any way, mean that fashion is only a young man’s game.

First of all, we would like to point out that our tips are always for all ages, regardless of how old the models and celebrities are that are demonstrating the looks.

Next, let’s discuss a few ways to keep your wardrobe looking young, but not too young. We don’t want you to be anything but sophisticated.

This post was largely inspired by the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, starring Ben Stiller. The story begins with a man who has been working the same job for the last 16 years. While there is nothing wrong with job stability, his life has become very dull and his look reflects it.

His white button-ups are short-sleeved and paired with a plain tie and khaki windbreaker. It’s not bad per se, but it is boring. There is nothing visually interesting about it and it doesn’t do any favors for his body.

Walter Mitty

As the film continues, spoiler alert, his life gets a little more exciting. With that excitement he dons fisherman’s sweaters (literally), slim fit jeans, scruff, and some nice man jewelry. Basically he does a complete 180 by letting his wardrobe express his youthful, adventurous inner self.

In my research, I’ve noticed the best thing to keep a man looking young is to not look too stuffy. In other words: undo that top button, take a break from that tie, switch out your suit jacket for a modern cardigan. Also regularly invest in new pieces; this will help keep your look modern and fresh.

Keeping it freshThings that will definitely age you:

– Tucking your t-shirt into your gym shorts.

– Tucking in any t-shirt.

– Wearing clothes you owned a decade ago.

– Shaving your head.

– Doing something overly young (i.e. the Harrison Ford earring, too many logos, wearing your pants around your knees (no one should do that)).

– Inappropriate shorts:

Don't do this


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