Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are something you hear a lot about in women’s fashion, but not so much in men’s. A statement piece is something you pair with your classic basics to pump up the volume. They are, essentially, what sets you apart from the crowd.

That said, a statement piece can be anything: something brightly colored, an unconventional pattern, a different cut on a traditional piece, a fun accessory, even just your favorite funky socks.

Since these are a section of your wardrobe where you can really express yourself, I’m not going to give you rules, but just show some pieces I really love.

One huge trend right now is pairing a wild print shirt with a suit and I absolutely love it. It is a great way to add a pop of excitement without worrying about going over the top. This is also a great way to punch up work or formal wear.

The Exciting Undershirt

The next on my list comes from a similar vein: the unconventional casual shirt. A lot of times we will tell you to add interest to a shirt by pairing it with a jacket or eye-catching pants, but these shirts need no additions.

I’m a big fan of the “animal” print shown here, especially because it is paired with a dusty teal color that isn’t common in menswear. But I am totally in love with the Renaissance ceiling t-shirt. I think I’ve actually been to the church that this is based on, but the overall print and muted colors make this piece one of a kind.

Statement Casual ShirtsThere are so many exciting, unique pieces out there, but I’m only going to cover one more genre for now. A bright jacket is a welcome surprise amid all of the neutrals. You may not want to wear this every day or with every outfit, but that’s how a statement piece should be.

This patterned turquoise blue blazer is a fantastic piece and looks amazing with an undershirt with similar colors in it.

Bright JacketsOther things great in unexpected colors: pants, socks, ties, even shoes. Find something out there that really speaks to your personal style and that you can put with at least two different outfits.



One thought on “Statement Pieces

  1. Statement fashion pieces can look pretty amazing but in my personal opinion I think a lot of men, particularly here in the UK are afraid to be so bold. I myself have gone as far as wearing a floral tie and/or pocket square- I think I need to try and be a little bit braver!

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