The Lightness of Spring

I’m calling it. Spring is almost here. Maybe it is the unseasonably sunny days we’ve been having or the fact that I’m avoiding finals, but I think it’s time to embrace the coming spring.

Spring weather is different everywhere, but where I’m from it definitely still requires a jacket. The sun is out, but it isn’t necessarily warm, which is why I’ve talked about spring layers before. So this time I think I’ll focus on the colors and textures that are just right for when the weather is starting to warm up out of the winter darks.

Most often spring colors tend to be what we often call Easter colors, or those light pastels. Now these often aren’t considered the most manly colors, but that is a horrible rumor that we should just end. I would bet that most working men already own a light blue button up or two because they are so ubiquitous.

Spring colors

Find the pastels that work best for your skin tone. My dad is blonde and fair-skinned, so he rarely wears yellow, but he looks good in almost any shade of blue because it matches his eyes. If you’ve got reddish undertones, maybe steer away from pinks. And men with darker skin look good in almost any light color.

These colors are gentle, but bright, and their fabric should match. Spring is the perfect time for fabrics like linen, lighter knits, and, as always, cotton. Suits don’t need to be as heavy, so go for a slimmer approach. If you are layering, look to trench coats and denim jackets. Chunky sweaters are more of a winter look, so maybe start to ease them out (unless you are going on a chilly spring beach adventure, of course).

Most of all dress to the weather. Don’t forgo a warm coat if it is still freezing where you live, but also don’t add unnecessary layers if it is a beautiful day. I wish you wonderful sunny days ahead.


If you are really curious about your undertones and what colors look best on you:

  • Cool undertones are often found in those with  blue, gray, or green eyes paired with blond, brown, or black hair with hints of blue, silver, violet, or ash.
  • Warm undertones often have brown, amber, or hazel eyes with strawberry blond, red, brown, or black hair with undertones of gold, red, orange, or yellow

This is not a foolproof way of determining skin tone. I used information from a Stylecaster article aimed at women, but colors don’t know gender. They list some other ways of determining your colors in the link above.




2 thoughts on “The Lightness of Spring

  1. Great post! Do you think the use of colour all depends on the location? You don’t really see many men here in the UK embrace brighter shades which is probably a result of the dismal weather…then again maybe we just need to stop making excuses and be a little bit braver?- Richard

    • Thanks for your input! I actually felt like I saw a lot of brighter shades during my time in the UK, but maybe I was just in the right place at the right time. Or maybe I’ve just been in the wrong place in the US.

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