Men’s Monochrome


noun– a painting or drawing in different shades of a single color.

adjective – being or made in the shades of a single color

Here at WAMSW we are always encouraging you to take a risk with color and add visual interest to an outfit; well today, we are doing that in a little different way.

Now you might be thinking that monochrome can go one of two ways: Noel Fielding or OK Go (specifically circa the album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky). But that is where you would be taking a much to simplistic view. Basically, if you aren’t looking for a stage costume, we want to steer clear of exactly matching shades (yes, even if American Apparel has them all nicely laid out together).

black on black monochromeThe key to black on black monochrome without veering into goth or emo or any of those other middle school cliques is styling. If you aren’t sporting eyeliner and flat, dyed, black hair, you are already off to a good start.

The easiest and most obvious ways to elevate this look is through suits or pairing black button ups with your black slacks. Another fairly safe way is with sweaters. If you go the way of the black t-shirt with your black jeans, just make sure the t doesn’t have a band name on it because that is sure to send you back to middle school (both articles of clothing are fine, just not together).

neutral monochromeThe other best way to do monochrome is in neutral colors. This way you aren’t overwhelmed in a riot of color or soul crushing black. Browns, tans, navys, and greys are all pretty easy to pull off. Just make it clear that the colors aren’t supposed to be an exact match, especially with greys. Whites are a little harder for men to pull off for some reason, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the try.

If you are worried about a look getting too flat in any color, go with simple undershirts/button ups of a different color that will show at the collar, the hem, and maybe the sleeves of your shirt. You can also keep your monochrome up top and wear a different color of trousers, or at least shoes.

Monochrome OK Go style
That all being said, OK Go are a delight in concert and bring Technicolor joy to all those who they encounter. If you are brave enough, go ahead and take the leap into brighter, non-neutral, colors. Just do it with intention and expect a few looks.

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