Spotlight: Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage is one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood, with 56 titles in the last 19 years, including multi-episode stints on TV shows. Needless to say, he is in demand. His prominent role on Game of Thrones has made him a household name, but I almost guarantee you had seen him before he was Tyrion Lannister.

I think it is probably safe to say that Mr. Dinklage has to put a little more thought into his wardrobe than most leading men. He doesn’t resemble the typical Hollywood hunks or even most average men, but that doesn’t mean that he has to skimp on style. He has found proportions that work for his body so that he can wear any of the hottest looks. I mean the man even covered the Style Issue of Esquire.

Peter DinklageThe trick when you have a difficult to dress body shape is tailoring. We have talked time and again about how valuable a tailor is to any man, but this is especially true if clothes off the rack really don’t fit you. Besides having a stylist, like most stars, you can bet that Peter has a reliable tailor in his bag of tricks.

Peter Dinklage also just has a wonderfully classic style. He tends to wear suits with clean, traditional lines in no-fail colors. He utilizes the classic V-neck, leather jackets, casual ties, etc. But none of this means he doesn’t have some fun with the details. He takes risks with unexpected accessories, like ascots, and is constantly changing his hair and facial hair–this helps keep him versatile in his wonderfully various roles.

Peter Dinklage goes casualPeter Dinklage is an incredibly talented actor who adds some much needed diversity to the Hollywood pool. He hasn’t let his difficult to dress body shape pigeon hole him or hold him back. In fact he is probably one of our spotlights that is most aware of what works for him personally. You should dedicate as much thought into what you wear as well.



Men’s Monochrome


noun– a painting or drawing in different shades of a single color.

adjective – being or made in the shades of a single color

Here at WAMSW we are always encouraging you to take a risk with color and add visual interest to an outfit; well today, we are doing that in a little different way.

Now you might be thinking that monochrome can go one of two ways: Noel Fielding or OK Go (specifically circa the album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky). But that is where you would be taking a much to simplistic view. Basically, if you aren’t looking for a stage costume, we want to steer clear of exactly matching shades (yes, even if American Apparel has them all nicely laid out together).

black on black monochromeThe key to black on black monochrome without veering into goth or emo or any of those other middle school cliques is styling. If you aren’t sporting eyeliner and flat, dyed, black hair, you are already off to a good start.

The easiest and most obvious ways to elevate this look is through suits or pairing black button ups with your black slacks. Another fairly safe way is with sweaters. If you go the way of the black t-shirt with your black jeans, just make sure the t doesn’t have a band name on it because that is sure to send you back to middle school (both articles of clothing are fine, just not together).

neutral monochromeThe other best way to do monochrome is in neutral colors. This way you aren’t overwhelmed in a riot of color or soul crushing black. Browns, tans, navys, and greys are all pretty easy to pull off. Just make it clear that the colors aren’t supposed to be an exact match, especially with greys. Whites are a little harder for men to pull off for some reason, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the try.

If you are worried about a look getting too flat in any color, go with simple undershirts/button ups of a different color that will show at the collar, the hem, and maybe the sleeves of your shirt. You can also keep your monochrome up top and wear a different color of trousers, or at least shoes.

Monochrome OK Go style
That all being said, OK Go are a delight in concert and bring Technicolor joy to all those who they encounter. If you are brave enough, go ahead and take the leap into brighter, non-neutral, colors. Just do it with intention and expect a few looks.

Date Night: How to Dress to Impress

There are two places you really want to make a good first impression: a job interview and a first date. But while most job interviews have a similar dress code, dates area totally different ballgame.

There are all sorts of factors, like how well you already know your date, what you are planning on doing, where you are going, etc., and we will try to account for all these variables as well as we can.

However, it isn’t always a first date that requires impressing, especially since a certain holiday is fast approaching. Here are style tips for whatever your dating needs.

Let’s start on the more formal end:

a more formal date night

This date is to a nice restaurant or maybe a play or some other type of performance. You still want to look nice and dressed up, even though you aren’t at a black tie event (if you are check out Black Tie Done Right). Even the examples I’ve shown vary in formality, but notice they all have ties. Sweaters and leather jackets are a bit more casual than a suit jacket or blazer would be. Lighter colors also ten to be less formal. If you want to go the vest route, bring a jacket; you can take it off once you’re seated, but the look is incomplete without it on a nice date.

Moving on to a more mid-range formality:

semi-formal date nightThis date is a dinner party or a nice, but not hoity-toity restaurant. This look is a step above the norm, showing your date that you care enough to put in some effort. It mixes and matches formal pieces: slacks, jackets, button-ups, and sweaters, but doesn’t go for the whole ensemble. Your button up is still tucked in at this level though. Khakis and colored pants are more casual, as are non-button shirts.

And finally casual without being sloppy:

casual date nightThis date is a regular old dinner and a movie. It’s a corn maze, a night with friends, or a night around town. But this is still a date, so your casual is not sweats or shorts or sandals (notable exception being a beach date, but is it really the season for that?). Layers are your friends because than you are free to adjust as the night continues. Nothing on your body should have holes or stains or pronounced fading. Pick simple classics that fit, so that your date isn’t distracted by your outfit (whether too formal or just bad).

Whether you are taking your spouse or long-time significant other out for Valentines or on a blind date or somewhere in between, dress to impress, but make sure to let a bit of your natural style shine through, after all dates are about getting to know people.