A Man’s (should be) Wish List

I always struggle to find Christmas presents for the men in my family, but I thought I would compile a list of go to gifts that every man can use, even if they aren’t terribly exciting.

Interesting ties and/or tie clips

Interesting ties and tie clips

Textured blazers

Textured blazers

A classic peacoat or other dress outerwear

Peacoats and dressy outerwear

Boots or other high quality footwear

Leather footwear

Something leather

Something leather

Something cozy

something cozyJust make sure that whatever you decide to purchase, it suits your man’s personality. It’s not worth buying something they will never wear.


4 thoughts on “A Man’s (should be) Wish List

  1. I haven’t decided, yet, if I’m a fan of your blog; there seems to be a slight nod to hipster style that emerges in a few scattered posts.
    I rather believe that a man’s style should be timeless, and not at all trendy. Of course, styles do change, and I’m not suggesting that we dress like President Roosevelt or, for that matter, even Jerry Sienfield; However, trendy simply doesn’t work well on a man.
    I tend to put my foot down on certain sartorial items, choosing to express my independence from goofy trends by keeping modern while safely classic.
    For instance, while everybody else was wearing square to dress shoes, I kept round toed shoes. While everybody was wearing patent leather oxfords with jeans, I stuck with either casual oxfords or boots.
    Now all that’s fine, but the real point of my comment is to challenge the silly beaner. I mean let’s get serious for a moment, who really wants to look like they’ve made off with Papa Smirf’s hat? Not this guy. I truly have never seen a guy pull off the silly Papa Smirf hat and still look at all masculine. Why not just say “no” on some of these foolish clothing items. Just because celebrities wear something does not necessarily make it cool or acceptable. No?

    • Thanks for the comment! We love classic menswear and agree that you shouldn’t change everything about your look based on trends. We are always glad to hear what people want to see more of on our blog.

  2. Hi there,

    You have some great ideas here! I hope I’m not too late on this comment, but I’m really wondering what the camel brown coat is from peacoats/outerwear picture. I NEED this coat and I have no idea what the style is considered (or more specifically, this specific coat name/brand).

    Hopefully you don’t mind sharing your secrets!

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