Skinny Guy Problems

We recently had a request for a post on how to dress a slender frame, and we are always looking for inspiration here at WAMSW and we’re in the business of crowd pleasing.

I feel like I often write for skinny guys because most of my family and friends fall in this category and I like a lot of brands that tailor more to this shape. Hint: this is your first tip, look for brands that cater to a shape similar to your own, no matter what size you are.

One key mistake I see slim guys make all the time is wearing loose-fitting clothes to make them look bigger. Simply put, it does not work that way. If your clothes are the wrong size it will just look like you shrunk or you’re still in clothes from the 90s. Instead embrace the fact that you can pull off the slim silhouette. Dress shirts will often have “classic” and “slim” fits, where you will probably want to opt fort he slim; other button-ups might have an “athletic” fit, which is usually wider in the shoulders and narrows at the waist. Always try on your clothes. There should be no blousing in the back when tucked in and it should lay flat across your shoulders.

Embrace the slim fitThe “slim fit” rule applies to pants too. So called “chicken legs” are something of a chronic condition amongst the men in my family, so I feel like a bit of an expert in this field. My first tip: Don’t ever complain about having skinny legs to a woman, most of us would take chicken legs over our thighs any day. But that said, the struggle is as real for men, as thicker thighs are for many women. This is true so much so that even my ten year-old cousin spent all summer in jeans because he was embarrassed by his skinny legs. I’ve been shopping with my brother and it is legitimately hard for him to find pants in his size sometimes. I don’t know how we change this, but one step is to embrace the lanky inner you. Being gangly and skinny isn’t all bad if you carry it with confidence instead of clumsiness.

If you are really concerned about looking bigger up top, or not ready to live in all your slender glory, try layering rather than jumping up a size. Throw on a sweater and/or a jacket over that t-shirt. Wider cut necks also bring the attention higher on your torso and to your face. V-necks have a similar ability to open up your shoulders. Both of these can be seen on Kit French in the photo below–trust me, I’ve stood next to this man, his skinniness is only amplified by the fact that he is easily 6′ 4″ or taller.

Skinny Man SolutionsNow is a great time to be a skinny man. We hear everyday how the US and other parts of the world are increasingly obese, so don’t hide the fact that you’ve been granted a fast metabolism/dedicated work out plan. Also we are seeing more and more slender men taking over the media; you no longer have to be rippling with muscles to be a leading man (i.e. Eddie Redmayne) or a superhero (i.e. Andrew Garfield). Actually just really check out our Spotlight section to the right for some serious skinny guy power.


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