Spotlight: Douglas Booth

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth is one of those guys that can pull off anything. There’s a reason he is both a Burberry model and Romeo (Romeo and Juliet is now in limited release). A regular in costume dramas, he has donned the costumes of a medieval prince (Pillars of the Earth), a 19th century blacksmith and dandy (Great Expectations), and even a Biblical son (in next year’s Noah) and carries each wardrobe as comfortably as his own.

Although he has a varied acting career and success as a model, Douglas is largely unknown, a fact bound to change with Romeo and Juliet. But unknown or not, he never fails to impress sartorially, whether at Fashion Week, Wimbledon, or on the street. He works a standard uniform of slim-fitting trousers, boots, and a jacket. A uniform WAMSW whole-heartedly supports and suggests you adopt immediately.

Romeo, oh RomeoHe pairs a boyish face with simple sophistication, a fantastic disheveled head of hair, and sometimes stubble. The British heartthrob is often found in neutrals, but isn’t afraid to rock a bright green blazer (so long as it is paired with a solid neutral base).

Other keys to Mr. Booth’s style? Black jeans are like a secret weapon. They can be dressed up for evening or events, but are also oh so functional for day to day wear. It also seems like it might be a good idea to always have some sunglasses on hand.

While the jacket and jeans combo is pretty no miss, he mixes it up with comfortable looking sweaters that range from casual to classy. Whether it is because of his close association with design houses like the ever traditional Burberry or his personal taste, Douglas Booth’s is a style to envy. And one that should grow increasingly easy to watch as he continues his rise to prominence. If nothing else, he picks great roles and I will be in the audience for both Romeo and Juliet and Noah. Keep on keeping on.

You wouldn't guess he'd played Boy George


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