Spotlight: Donald Glover

It’s that time of year folks, the fall season of TV is upon us! And while I’m very excited for some of the new shows (the pilot of Sleepy Hollow was very promising), I am even more excited that Community is coming back for a fifth season and with the return of creator Dan Harmon, no less. The fans of Community are long suffering, always wondering if the show would reappear on their television sets, and although we are one step closer to #sixseasonsandamovie, we are losing our beloved Donald Glover this year. One half of Troy and Abed will be leaving after just five episodes. (No start date for the fifth season has been announced yet).

As heartbreaking as this is, let’s look on the positive, Donald has contributed great work to both Community and 30 Rock, where he became a writer at the ripe age of 25, and promises to do so much more, whether as an actor, writer, or as his alter ego rapper Childish Gambino.

Donald has a effortless, cool nerd look. He frequently rocks blocky, thick glasses and plaid button ups. He wears all the latest trends and still looks the part of the all-American man’s man because he is so secure in his over the top personality.

His looks never become repetitive because even if the base is the same, he mixes it up with different jackets and ties that totally change the mood of the outfit. Tie and jeans is classy casual. Tie and jacket are professional and polished. Open collar and bomber jacket are relaxed, but suave. A scarf and herringbone are sexy professor.

Donald GloverDonald also has a much more casual look, often seen when presenting himself as Childish Gambino, which is a polo shirt paired with a zip hoodie, hood up. This does the two-fold job of making the hoodie a little classier and the polo a little less preppy. He can be rap, without being covered in tattoos, scars, and holey clothes.

He also isn’t afraid of color, whether it be his hoodie or his cuffed trousers. His skin tone pulls off just about any color and he embraces that, while still appreciating the classic look of black and white. (Do not however take his look from the 90s set The To Do List, those yellow overalls should stay in the 90s).Donald Glover, too cool for schoolDonald is the whole package: funny, cute, successful, musically talented, and well dressed. We wish him the best of luck in whatever he is off to do next, but that doesn’t mean our hearts aren’t broken that he is leaving the Greendale Seven.


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