The Pants in your (Wardrobe) Relationship

It seems crazy, but we are already fast approaching back to school time, which means jean shopping. And even those no longer in the back to school stage of life, it is almost the time of the year for reshelving shorts. I’m sad about it too. But we’re still going to have a quick look at casual pants for fall.

Whether jeans, khakis, or colored denim, there are four basic fits: Slim, Straight-leg, Classic, and Relaxed. Slim fit hugs your legs all the way down without being too clingy like something labeled “skinny” or a woman’s jean might be. Straight-leg is about the same fit as a slim on the thigh, but then follows a straight line down (bet you couldn’t have guessed that). We at WAMSW particularly like these first two. A classic fit is a little looser all over; to me this fit is just a little less polished and could veer into the very real problem of dad jeans. Relaxed fit is the loosest and allows for a large range of motion (personally I think all jeans allow for more than enough motion). GQ’s jean guide made the good point of saying if you want to go for a relaxed fit, you still have to wear a belt and wear the jeans on your hips like a real man. On a similar note, never use the word “swag” to describe your wardrobe.

We've come a long way since the 90s

Don’t get me wrong I love me some Erik von Detten, but please shy away from anything like those atrocious 90s pants.

Some other tips that I found from true professional men’s jeans connoisseurs were:

  • Shorter men should always wear a tapered leg.
  • Jeans tend to stretch, so lean towards too small, rather than too large, especially if they have any spandex in them.
  • Giant logos, or even too elaborate and fancy back-pocket stitching, does not leave a good impression, avoid it at all costs.

When it comes to washes (meaning the color of your jeans or pants) it is always safe to stick to dark colors. Vintage-y washes (worn, not acid washed) are also a pretty safe choice, although less dressy. Light denim has a large overlap with dad jeans, which even if you are a father, are a bad thing. Brighter colors are also still huge.

If you aren’t huge into jeans or want something just a little more dressy, other solid, but still functional trousers are becoming more and more common. Khakis or darker versions add nice variety to a wardrobe, as long as they are too baggy or cargo or any other hallmarks of the late-90s/early-2000s era.

casual pantsThere is something distinctly awesome about the upper-left pair.

For more info: GQ’s How to Buy Jeans


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