What a man should…do? Herbert Pocket/Harry Lloyd

We at WAMSW love a well dressed man. If you hadn’t noticed. But as much as we love our well dressed men we also just really like good guys. Well dressed or not. So today’s blog post is going to be a little different than normal, but bear with us.

I recently watched Great Expectations. I had been reading the book but the movie caught my eye the other day as we were browsing through Netflix. It’s a book that I’ve heard quoted by great men that I admire and I’ve always had a desire to read more Dickens. But since the movie caught my attention faster than I could read the book I now have to wait a little while before returning to the book.

But alas, as I was watching the movie I couldn’t help but falling for the supporting character of Herbert Pocket, Pip’s good friend with a jovial nature and large heart.

So without further ado, here are the reasons why men should be a little more like Herbert Pocket. Or Harry Lloyd. I’m not picky.

tumblr_m362r8qmZa1qfrs9eo1_500– He admitted he was wrong and mended his ways.

– He left wealth and family to pursue the middle class woman that he loved.

– He genuinely wants to work hard and honestly to support his family

– He helped out an escaped convict in order to both help his friend and the escaped convict.

– He forgave Pip for hitting him.

– He’s a total goof ball

– He’s not classically beautiful and maybe even a little stringy

– His last name is Pocket

-The actor, Harry Lloyd is actually a descendant of the great Charles Dickens and has been in two movie adaptations of two Dickens novels (Great Expectations, duh, and David Copperfield)

– Harry Lloyd studied English at Oxford University

I think that about sums it up. Half of the attributes I just listed you would only understand if you read the book or watched the movie. Homework assignment!


One thought on “What a man should…do? Herbert Pocket/Harry Lloyd

  1. He definitely stole the show. Loved him. And that gif is too awesome. Here’s to more Pockets in the world… and less Drummles. Ugh.

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