What a man should…do? Herbert Pocket/Harry Lloyd

We at WAMSW love a well dressed man. If you hadn’t noticed. But as much as we love our well dressed men we also just really like good guys. Well dressed or not. So today’s blog post is going to be a little different than normal, but bear with us.

I recently watched Great Expectations. I had been reading the book but the movie caught my eye the other day as we were browsing through Netflix. It’s a book that I’ve heard quoted by great men that I admire and I’ve always had a desire to read more Dickens. But since the movie caught my attention faster than I could read the book I now have to wait a little while before returning to the book.

But alas, as I was watching the movie I couldn’t help but falling for the supporting character of Herbert Pocket, Pip’s good friend with a jovial nature and large heart.

So without further ado, here are the reasons why men should be a little more like Herbert Pocket. Or Harry Lloyd. I’m not picky.

tumblr_m362r8qmZa1qfrs9eo1_500– He admitted he was wrong and mended his ways.

– He left wealth and family to pursue the middle class woman that he loved.

– He genuinely wants to work hard and honestly to support his family

– He helped out an escaped convict in order to both help his friend and the escaped convict.

– He forgave Pip for hitting him.

– He’s a total goof ball

– He’s not classically beautiful and maybe even a little stringy

– His last name is Pocket

-The actor, Harry Lloyd is actually a descendant of the great Charles Dickens and has been in two movie adaptations of two Dickens novels (Great Expectations, duh, and David Copperfield)

– Harry Lloyd studied English at Oxford University

I think that about sums it up. Half of the attributes I just listed you would only understand if you read the book or watched the movie. Homework assignment!


The Mad Hatters

Captian Mal

Scrolling through mine and Rachel’s photo archives of well dressed men (housed largely here and here, if you are interested) it becomes clear that there are very few hats. Sure you may find a plethora of beanies pushed back to perfection, which is always okay in our book, but trust me after spending today out in the heat and humidity of our nation’s capital, it is not beanie weather.

There are tons of reasons one may want to wear a hat in the summer–e.g. to shade your face, to hide a receding hairline, to hide from paparazzi, to complete an outfit–so here is our advice on summer hats.

Let’s start with the basic baseball cap. The most utilitarian of hats (excluding perhaps fishing hats, pith helmets, and well all other helmets), it is perfect for keeping the sun off your face and out of your eyes. Seems like you can’t go wrong? Well, here are some guidelines: 1) No flat brims. I know it is supposed to have “swag” or somesuch thing, but that real isn’t something you want anyway. Maybe a particularly cool, vintage-y one, but in general don’t. Get yourself a nice broken-in brim that will actually shade your face. 1 1/2) NEVER EVER leave the size sticker on your hat; no one wants to know how big your head is. 2) We like our hat logos like we like our shirt logos: minimal or invisible. Unless you are currently at a sports game, we don’t care who you support. 3) Don’t wear your hat backwards, there is no point. Seriously if you can give me one good reason for wearing a cap backwards, you have my blessing. Sure Tyler Posey looks adorable in that picture, but that is because Tyler Posey is a real life human puppy (check the internet).

The baseball cap

Round two, the fedora. Never has a hat caused so much controversy. Everyone wants to pull it off, almost no one does. The thing is, fedoras, for some reason, have the innate ability to make the wearer super smarmy. I mean who really knows if Johnny Depp’s hair was that greasy before he put the hat on or if the fedora did it to him. Basically our advice here is: before you purchase one be sure you will wear it, don’t buy spontaneously, and probably get at least one second opinion. Unless you are Indiana Jones, then by all means carry on.

The fedora

The jury is still out on flat caps. I’ve never hated one, but I’ve also never loved one. Use with discretion.

The flat cap

And the always please wear: beanies. We still love them. Find a thin summer one for some extra flair. And bowler hats. I know you are probably confused by that one, but if you can pull it off and not look like a time traveler (or maybe like a really attractive time traveler) that is huge bonus points.

The beanie and bowler

Hat’s off to you!

The Eyebrows Have It

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but the eyebrows express a whole lot of their own emotion.  Even if you haven’t noticed, eyebrows are one of the key ways humans express and detect feelings, whether they be raised, furrowed, or doing the wave. So we should really take better care of them. Besides wouldn’t you want a nice frame for those windows?

Now I know that “metrosexual”, “plucking”, and “sculpted brows” maybe dirty words in the macho man world, but stick with me and I’ll show you the brighter side of fixing those brows.

Your number one, capital A, red-alert problem  is unibrows. Now we laugh and picture Groucho Marx, Frida Kahlo, or any number of cartoon characters, but this is a more realistic problem than you think. Just take a gander at this selection from Buzzfeed’s investigation of celebrity unibrows.

The Gallery of Unibrows

See what I mean? Not all of them are as drastic as Groucho or the member of R.E.M. with the large red arrow, but even young Brad Pitt has a weird little hair bridge above his nose. And trust me, that would never be allowed to happen to him nowadays. So you don’t want a girly grooming routine, that’s fair, but if you don’t take care of this, your girlfriend/wife/mother/considerate sister will shave it in your sleep.

The next huge, although less common problem is the over-tweezed brows. Girls seem to do this all the time and I just don’t understand how. It is not that difficult to stop while you’re ahead (I mean, full eyebrows are in right now). Look at this guide, demonstrated on a woman’s face, for your ideal eyebrow length range. Following that will help you avoid looking like the guy from the UK Apprentice that freaked my friends out so much we called him “The Eyebrow Guy”. Eyebrows should probably not be your defining feature. Also avoid going too thin while shaping, like Joey, by only plucking strays and/or only the lower side of the brow.

The Eyebrow Guy

Other than that, it’s pretty simple. Your brows should have some sort of angle or curve. They should be thick without being caterpillars (glasses can help break up overly heavy brows as well). Here are some nice examples (Dave Franco’s might be a little too heavy, but it is a distinctive look).

The Good Guys

Hey! Let us know what you would like to see more of on our blog. More spotlights? More casual clothes? More grooming? We’d love to know what you want to see!