A Day at the Beach

InexplicableAs much as I enjoy the inexplicable picture above, and every article of clothing is quality, you probably shouldn’t be wearing this to the beach. (Notable exception: beach weddings, but in that case you probably shouldn’t be in the water…). So here’s a guide to what you should do.

Now we’ve already talked about swimsuits–solid or basic patterns, nothing too short or tight–and those rules still apply. Even Olympic diver, and famous speedo wearer, Tom Daley wears normal trunks to the beach. Now guys have the lucky ability to wear their swimsuits as totally appropriate pants, so all you really need to add is a t-shirt or casual button-up. It may sound counter-intuitive, but a button-up on the beach is a great look. Avoid the notorious Hawaiian print unless the one in question looks particularly modern and/or makes you look ultra-cool and manly a la Daniel Craig.


Footwear is one of our favorite topics here at WAMSW, in case you haven’t noticed, and Rachel’s last post The Big 3 plays perfectly with what you should be wearing to your day (or week) on the beach. Primarily canvas shoes are perfect for a day out, they are easy to move around in and clean. Another great choice? Sperrys. I will always support Sperrys and I mean, they are called “boatshoes” how could they not be great for the seaside. If you really insist on going the flip-flop route–an understandable, if unfortunate one–please buy ones made with leather or canvas or something other than rubber.

Beach footwear

Shorts or pants on the beach should be khaki or colored. You could maybe get away with regular jeans, but never with denim shorts. It is also totally acceptable to cuff pants on the beach.

If you’re around after the sun goes down or you are hitting one of those not so warm coasts, knit sweaters are always delightful.

And apparently this is the required beach pose:

pensive on the beach


The Big 3

I’m back!

You probably didn’t realize I was gone since Amy has been doing such a killer job with this blog. But I was on hiatus due to the inability to multi-task between thinking science-y thoughts and mens fashion thoughts. But I’m here now and I’m ever so ill-prepared to discuss Mens Fashion, but we’ve got to restart somewhere. 

We’ve talked about shoes before. Actually a time or two, but, as always, with a new angle. Today we’re talking about the basic everyday shoe. The ones you wear no matter the season, the weather, the activity or event. You identify yourself with these particular pair. You feel that they define you and your style at the most basic level.

Admittedly I’ve felt sorry for boys for years because the shoe choices were so awful for so long. Thankfully the fashion gods stepped it up a notch or two and I no longer feel so bad. But, don’t worry, I’m still judging you based on your shoe choice. There is a very easy fix for my severe judgement, though: make better choices. Please don’t show up in any version of the following:

Image1. the Hiking boot: you’re not on a hike.

2. the runner: you’re also not on a run. Even if you are currently fast walking or you sprint between your desk and the copier at work, Don’t. 

3. The skater: hopefully if you’re reading this you’ve got more class than this and your age level is above that of 15 (which is the only time this could ever be or ever was appropriate). 

Unless you are actually hiking, running or skating these should not be on your feet. 

Now that we’ve knocked those atrocities out of the way, what should you be wearing? I call them the big 3 and any of them would be considered acceptable.

ImageChuck Taylor’s/Converse All-Stars, Low profile Vans, or TOMS.

What do these 3 all have in common? A few things really.

1) They’re all classics (TOMS is new but they’re reaching classic status fast).

2) They’re all low profile (which is what makes them classics).

3) You can get them in any style or color you want which makes them insanely versatile and personal. You can still feel like yourself when you’re wearing what every other person is wearing. That’s pretty deep. 

4) They’re all decent quality. These can all take a pretty big hit and still look cool. I feel like it’s fairly common knowledge that people pride themselves on beat up Chuck’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other two were reaching that status as well. The trashier your shoe, the cooler you are. 

Stick with these classics and you will not go astray. It’s scientific fact that these shoes are all perfect and will make you perfect and your life perfect.