Spotlight: Chris Pine

Chris Pine is the lead of a major franchise, one that’s legacy began in 1966, and has become the quintessential “nerd” and “cult” symbol, if a multi-billion dollar industry can be called “cult”. He released nine projects between the release of the first and second Star Trek movies (the multi-billion franchise mentioned above, in case you live under a rock) and has at least four more in the works. But despite all of this, he manages to fly largely under the radar. Other than his well documented bromance with co-star Zachary Quinto, that is.

The same theory applies to his wardrobe. It isn’t particularly adventurous or flamboyant, but he constantly looks put together and classic. Although the endless parade of suits at movie premiers may seem uniform, they are kept interesting with different textures and color combinations. Mixing things up in these simple, subtle ways keeps interest in the suit or classic cardigan and jeans combo.

chris pine

It is all a matter of small details. A linen suit looks fresh, a paisley pocket square adds interest, chunky sweaters add interest to an otherwise plain outfit, and a manly leather bag is functional and classy. Another tricky thing he is pulling off in the picture above? Grey on grey. This combo can easily look too matchy matchy or wash you out into a blob of shapeless dull. But here both the pants and sweater are high quality materials, slightly different shades, and the real saving grace is the crisp white shirt that draws attention to his face and to where the grey ends.

Mr. Pine also mixes up textures when it comes to his movie star jawline. Ranging from clean-shaven to stubble, to full beard and back again allows him to switch up his look with minimal effort. While I prefer the stubbly look to the beard, he keeps his well-trimmed, so that it works for him without taking over his face.

All stages of beardedSo keep it clean and interesting, by using little details to look individual and polished without being overwhelmed.

And let’s all agree on one thing, no one really looks good in a Star Trek uniform.


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