Spotlight: Nate Ruess

Nate Ruess, of fun. and The Format fame, has been secretly rocking the music world for years, but only recently did he and the boys of fun. get the recognition they deserve. With upbeat melodies and often decidedly less upbeat lyrics, Nate Ruess’ music is pure “happy-yet-ironic misunderstoodism” and I wouldn’t ask for anything else. (For those of you who have never heard The Format, go listen now. For those of you who didn’t know that Some Nights is fun.’s second album, go listen now.)

In terms of style, Mr. Ruess has come leaps and bounds from his The Format days (including a much improved hairstyle). Chances are if you watch music award show red carpets you’ve noticed fun. even if you didn’t know who they were. They don’t wear anything that outlandish, at least not for these award shows, but their style is distinctly theirs. It’s usually some amalgamation of high-water pants, bright colors, patterns, and skinny ties. And it works. Each member has his own twist, but they work well together.

Nate Ruess and fun.The sure sign of a man (or stylist) who knows what they are doing is by wearing a totally basic outfit and making it his own. Whether it’s statement sunglasses, an unexpected pattern, or unusual shoes, just that one little thing is often enough to set you apart from the crowd.

Other staples to Nate’s wardrobe are short-sleeved button-ups that he buttons all the way up (a big trend over here across the pond), and basics with something special to them. He isn’t afraid of white jeans, waistcoats, or suspenders and embraces unexpected details like a collar-less button up. Basically he is a personal style favorite. No one can deny that he has made his wardrobe his own.

If I'm not tourtured, how are you ever going to relateAlso, take note, Ray Bans are always good. And he wears the quiff well. And if you aren’t on board with his style at least respect the man for his honest and catchy lyrics. Cheers Mr. Ruess, keep up the good work.


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