The Secret Superhero Disguise

As you may have noticed, here at WAMSW we’ve inadvertently taken up the cause of reclaiming the nerd. All of the things that used to be the uniform for “nerds” is cool now, at least in our book (I may or may not have just binged on a bunch of VlogBrothers videos). Well here in this post we’ll talk about the quintessential nerd signifier, that is really one geek chic thing we really like: Guys in Glasses.

sophisticated geek chic

My dad tells a story about getting glasses when he was a kid, when the two options were Clark Kent and the librarian. He adamantly did not want to be Clark Kent and opted for contacts as soon as he could (which are a great option for either some or all the time). But here’s the thing: times have changed. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of different glasses to pick from and yet my first choice is still the Clark Kent. Be Clark Kent. Or I guess for the purposes of this post, Peter Parker (because let’s be honest, not every incarnation of these characters dons eyewear, but they all should).

Personally I love big black frames. And they are all the rage right now, and have been for years. Sure they might be hipster glasses, but they aren’t ironic if you need them. Also tortoiseshell are an equally professorial, but less harsh option.

Now seeing as I myself do not wear glasses (I would like to, but I have been blessed with good eyes), I would probably tell you to just try on a bunch of pairs before making a decision, but maybe you want to narrow down the field. Here is a helpful face shape to glasses shape chart (it’s for sunglasses, but the same theory applies). If you need help figuring out your face shape they say you can trace it in a mirror with some mirror safe material. And I would always say to follow the advice on the “oval face” section: Frames should be at least as wide as your face at its widest point.

Glasses for your face shape

Decide how much you want/are willing to spend. Glasses can be expensive, like really expensive. My dad was admiring a friend’s glasses and realized “Of course they look good, they are Ray Bans”. And as much as I have a huge weakness for Ray Bans, they are not on the cheap end. When thinking about prices, also consider how you tend to treat your glasses. If they last you forever and have a classic look, you can probably splurge a little more. If you’re the type who always accidentally falls asleep in them, you might want to save some of the cash for the fixes and replacements.

If you are concerned about styles like the Peter Parker/Clark Kent/general undercover superhero styles looking out of date, I have one piece of advice: make sure it doesn’t look like you just haven’t purchased new glasses in twenty years. This is way easier for young guys to get away with because that just isn’t an option. I mean Peter’s glasses in the Amazing Spider-man are literally his dad’s, but they look trendy on him. (Who am I kidding, they looked great on his dad too, those babies are classic). If the pair have some new or trendy element, they won’t look out-dated, even if they retain a vintage charm. But seriously, just try them on.

We love us some glasses


The ABC’s of Tees

Here at WAMSW we are always encouraging  you to put on ties, suspenders, jackets, and all manner of “extra” articles of clothing. But believe us, we understand the urge as the weather gets warmer/ as finals approach / on a quiet weekend to pull on a t-shirt and call it good. And that’s okay. (I may or may not be sitting around my house in a t-shirt and shorts as I attempt to write an essay).


And although they are the ultimate lazy clothing (I refuse to accept sweats as an entity), that doesn’t mean t-shirts need to be shulmpy. As with everything, fit is essential. Baggy shirts are the easiest way to hide your body, and that is not a good thing. I don’t mean hide flaws, I mean hide the fact that you have a body. If you’re a slim guy an overly loose shirt can make you look scrawny. If you’re a bigger guy it can add the appearance of extra weight. Pretty much a baggy shirt does no one any good. Don’t believe me? In Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods, they purposefully dressed Fran Kranz (Marty) in baggy clothes because he was noticeably

“in as good if not better shape than the other male students. In the commentary for the film, the writers joke that he was “ripped like muscular Jesus” and assert that if Marty were shown being that fit it would ruin the character”. (From IMDb trivia page for the film. Do not read this section unless you’ve seen the film).

So now that we’ve fully explored the woes of baggy t-shirts, we have to say that too tight can be just as bad. Unless you have a character-destroying body, a skin-tight tee is just going to reveal any and all flaws. My friend and I were actually distracted by a guy in the pub the other night who had either out-grown his shirt or unfortunately thought it looked good. It didn’t, trust us.

What you do want is a shirt that follows the line of your body, but with some built-in breathing room. Sleeves should end at your mid-to-upper bicep, the elbow or below, or commit to being a long sleeve. If your regular short sleeves are ending near your elbow, you need to rethink your size or style. (The hem hitting your mid-to upper bicep keeps your arms from looking scrawny).

various basic tees

I’m always a fan of plain and neutral when it comes to t-shirts, but an overall pattern, like a stripe, with a pop of bright color can be refreshingly summer-y. Another way to mix up the basic is with a nice baseball tee (those ones with the different colored sleeves). V-necks are never a bad thing, but gage the depth appropriately, very few guys can pull off a super deep-v and even fewer that aren’t musicians (don’t ask why, I can’t explain, but it’s true).

If you’re looking for more examples of how to really wear a t-shirt, check out Adam Levine. His shirts always fit perfectly; he’s a skinny guy and is never overwhelmed. Also, although personally I’m not really a fan of tattoos, his add enough other interest that a plain tee is never boring.

Spotlight: Nate Ruess

Nate Ruess, of fun. and The Format fame, has been secretly rocking the music world for years, but only recently did he and the boys of fun. get the recognition they deserve. With upbeat melodies and often decidedly less upbeat lyrics, Nate Ruess’ music is pure “happy-yet-ironic misunderstoodism” and I wouldn’t ask for anything else. (For those of you who have never heard The Format, go listen now. For those of you who didn’t know that Some Nights is fun.’s second album, go listen now.)

In terms of style, Mr. Ruess has come leaps and bounds from his The Format days (including a much improved hairstyle). Chances are if you watch music award show red carpets you’ve noticed fun. even if you didn’t know who they were. They don’t wear anything that outlandish, at least not for these award shows, but their style is distinctly theirs. It’s usually some amalgamation of high-water pants, bright colors, patterns, and skinny ties. And it works. Each member has his own twist, but they work well together.

Nate Ruess and fun.The sure sign of a man (or stylist) who knows what they are doing is by wearing a totally basic outfit and making it his own. Whether it’s statement sunglasses, an unexpected pattern, or unusual shoes, just that one little thing is often enough to set you apart from the crowd.

Other staples to Nate’s wardrobe are short-sleeved button-ups that he buttons all the way up (a big trend over here across the pond), and basics with something special to them. He isn’t afraid of white jeans, waistcoats, or suspenders and embraces unexpected details like a collar-less button up. Basically he is a personal style favorite. No one can deny that he has made his wardrobe his own.

If I'm not tourtured, how are you ever going to relateAlso, take note, Ray Bans are always good. And he wears the quiff well. And if you aren’t on board with his style at least respect the man for his honest and catchy lyrics. Cheers Mr. Ruess, keep up the good work.