Double Denim and the Canadian Tuxedo

Last year I attended a “guilty pleasures” themed birthday party with a couple of my friends. Most people, myself included, went as characters from TV shows or musicians, but one of my friends went as denim on denim. Double denim is one of my guilty pleasures too, although getting less guilty day by day.

But only when it is done right.

As I mentioned previously, please make sure that your two denims are different shades! When you search denim on denim or like phrases the main result is still Justin Timberlake’s atrocious suit from the 90s. And believe me you do not want to copy that look, regardless of whether you think JT brought sexy back or not. I would lean toward a darker wash for jeans and a lighter one for a jacket or chambray shirt. Another way to help break up this look is with a different colored t-shirt underneath. Now, roll up your sleeves. (The jury is still out on denim shorts…)

Light and dark denimNow on to the much more controversial Canadian Tuxedo. I have no idea if Canadians embrace this or not… Here to help me explain is Will Anderson from the band Parachute (these guys excel in double denim):

Will explains the Canadian Tuxedo(Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I couldn’t find the video.) Now, like I said, Parachute in general dress very well, but they also enjoy taking the mick out of fashion (see above and below). While each denim article is a different shade, it is just too much, even for a rock star. And that’s the ruling on the Canadian tuxedo; it’s just too much and can veer quickly into this territory:

Let's say noHere Bret and Jemaine of Flight of the Concords demonstrate the failings of the Canadian tuxedo and some other denim no-nos in this wonderful 80s-esque photo. Skip all acid washes and overly pale (white) denim (unless you are dedicated enough to try full on white jeans….). Jemaine’s top and pants are also just too similar in color. Similarly Will and Nate of Parachute point out to us that tucking in such a casual look should be done sparingly. And bolo ties are pretty much a solid NO from this judge.

Chambray shirts are a trend that I am fully behind right now. They have moved away from cowboy or backwoods and provide a more casual alternative to a regular button-up. So go forth, with a little thought. P.S. this is also a great way to balance out colored jeans.


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