Gingham Style

Yeah, I just groaned at that title too.


But honestly, I am a fan of gingham. The latest insurgence of these checkered shirts have brought new life to the button-up. I’d venture to say that a large section of the employed, male population has to spend a majority of their week in some sort of button-up shirt. We talked last time about mixing up this routine with layers, but here is another easy divergence from your striped blue and white (am I right?).

So, I've noticed that you guys like Eddie...

I believe that this pattern first caught my eye on Jesse Spencer on an episode of House (always a good example of well-fitting clothes). The pattern and skinny tie were perfect for his young, successful character, and the bright blue really made his eyes stand out. From that point on I was sold on the style. It is a great way to wear a bright color without overwhelming yourself and usually looks nothing like a picnic blanket. In fact this style, to me, screams spring and summer because it pairs so naturally with these colors.

The pattern also comes in a range of sizes that also allow you to be as subtle as you want. When the pattern is tight and small it just makes your shirt look like it has a little extra texture. More medium-sized checks are the trendiest. (I would suggest avoiding the really big ones, to avoid that picnic blanket thing).

Really my only other advice for this look are the rules that we’ve set down for you time and time again: fit, fit, fit. And confidence. This is an easy look to pull off at any age or size or event. So go forth and bring spring with your shirt.

ginghamAuthors’ note: We apologize if in this next month or two, we don’t post as often as we usually do. With both of us in school and finals rapidly approaching, it can be difficult to keep up with WAMSW, but you can bet we will try our best. Also we apologize that you’ve been hearing from Amy so much…   -Amy and Rachel


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