Spotlight: Joel McHale

Good news world, Community is back and that’s Streets Ahead!!! The critically acclaimed, publicly under-watched, smartest, strangest show on television is finally debuting its fourth season on February 7 (That’s October 19th). And if you haven’t gathered it yet, I am a huge fan of the Greendale Seven. So in tribute here is a little spotlight on the most stylish male member of the study group.

“You’ve probably noticed that my swagger has a new swagger.”  I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to Joel McHale and his fashion, my mind tends to blend him and Jeff Winger, his sarcastic, hilarious, dashing Community character. But both are highly enviable and achievable.

The public Joel: If you asked a random person (okay, someone who is familiar with Mr. McHale) what his signature look is, chances are the answer would be a slim three-piece suit. Occasionally you will see him in a more relaxed look, but usually, whether on The Soup or with Craig Ferguson, he looks ready for the pages of GQ.

What to imitate: Skinny pants, yes even with a suit. Don’t fear the three-piece, it stands-out and looks polished. Also, use socks as a statement accessory. Balance out your patterned suits with neutral colors. Opt for a skinny tie or no tie. Don’t take your sexy too seriously.

Joel McHale

The evolution of Jeff: Jeff Winger began the first season half-not caring, pairing sport coats and track pants, but as he becomes more involved, attached (and aware of his insecurities) his style takes major leaps and bounds. This is what we want for you. Move out of the “I’m pretending not to care” to the “I look like I don’t try”; it may not sound like it, but there is a big difference. Jeff has been described as vain and arrogant, but he does it so well, that I don’t care.

What to imitate: Well fitting dark pants are a must. Jackets with subtle details like epaulettes, pockets, and zippers instantly step up a look. Always a go with a v-neck, button-up, or an occasional wide-necked crew. Dark boots with jeans. Jeff is also the king of effortlessly sexy Halloween costumes, i.e. sexy cowboy, David Beckham, some guy from Fast and Furious. He is also one of the best examples of purposeful bed-head and a little scruff.

Jeff Winger

Whether the witty family man or the perennially single ring leader of the study group, Joel/Jeff steps up the style game more than most (Read: all) six-foot-plus-lots-of-inches community college student. Honestly I could have split this into two posts and elaborated a lot, but the message and guidelines are simple. Surprise us with perfect fit, subtle details, and polished looks that let us know you care. And the manly sexiness that comes from elegant dishevelment (one of my favorite phrases, make it apply to you).

“He’s actually more handsome than the man who’s famous for being handsome!”

Oh yeah, and Team Britta!


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