The Trendiest Hair Around

Alright, so this hair style. I have heard it called any number of things, but I believe the most correct term is the quiff. It’s a little bit James Dean, a little Morrissey, and a whole lot of on trend. I’d seen this around, but since hopping over to the UK it has been positively everywhere. Robert Pattinson notably donned one for his role in Water for Elephants and after flipping through Glamour UK’s Sexiest Men of 2012, you’re in good company (most of the men on the list either have, or have had a quiff). The basic break-down  of the quiff is simple: short of the sides and long on top, which makes it sound like just about any short men’s cut, but this is more defined.

Like I said, this hair is super popular right now, but I am going to set some stipulations. You know, guidelines, more than rules. This cut works with just about any hair type, which is a big plus. Straight or curly, it can be pretty low maintenance, or not, if you want to try your hand at styling. One thing I would say is don’t go too extreme. Now, I love Joe Brooks and I’m sure you will hear plenty about him, but when he tried this look awhile back, his stylist went a little too far. It is too short on the sides, especially considering how long it is on top. Good news: this haircut grows out quickly, and in Joe’s case got better with a little extra length.

Although this look is suitable for most hair types, it might not work for every man…type. The quiff has attitude built-in. That’s why it is seen on so many runways and rock stars. A subtler version could be great for the regular office guy, and might just spice up your life, but it is not a CEO style. This look says down-to-business if your business is looking great in front of a camera or behind a microphone. Be sure you can handle the hair, and the lack thereof, before you take the plunge. It seems to pair best with a brooding pout and a sick sense of style (but hey, that’s why you’re here, right?).

Hair grows, take the risk. It can be scary as hell (trust me, I know), but a new style can change your perspective.


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