The Suspense is Killing Us

Quite awhile ago I was around some old friends, all of the guys were in nice button-ups and ties, but I couldn’t help but notice how great one looked. Sure he is a handsome guy and his clothes routinely fit well and look classy and clean, but something was different that day. The answer was simple: Suspenders. His shirt was crisp and white and accented by a thin black tie and thin black suspenders, instant extra Dashing points.

Now I would guess it has been over a year since said outfit (and I am STILL talking about it) and I have been loving suspenders more and more lately. And the trick to wearing this style couldn’t be simpler: don’t actually need them to hold up your trousers. They work because they accentuate flat abs and already well fitting clothes, no gaping or gapeing shirts please. Also keep them thin and tasteful.

Don’t believe me that these old fashioned articles are back for more than hipsters dressing like your grandpa? Just check out some of the trendsetters I found wearing them.

Sure they are a little bit of a throwback, but there is a reason they are back. When done right they are sophisticated and might conjure images of a romantic old love story. If nothing else, you won’t be forgoten.

And I can’t resist a shout out to Oregon’s own On the Rocks who have made suspenders part of their formal uniform.

– Amy

A word from Rachel: I have to agree with my colleague. Suspenders are quite dashing and they make a statement without being obnoxious or over the top. Three cheers for suspenders!


2 thoughts on “The Suspense is Killing Us

  1. Fla… Fl… Flat abs… What are these flat abs you speak of?
    Great subject (Suspenders, not flat abs). I occasionally wear suspenders, and believe me, accentuating flat abs is NOT high on the agenda for doing so.
    While I’m not morbidly obese, I am on the chunky side of life, and I find suspenders add that touch of individuality to an outfit, and if anything, distract people from the cheesecake storage facility sitting just above my hips.

    • You make a great point, thank you. I was merely trying to deter images (that I know I used to have of suspenders) of old, very, very heavy men who needed to wear them for purely non-style reasons. I applaud the thought you put into you style individuality; you are the type of person we hope this blog reaches and that it influences others to be like you. Please continue to send us your feedback.

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