Individual Style Spotlight: Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew Gray Gubler. Have you ever heard of that guy? When I suggested his name to my colleague she couldn’t quite place him (an incredibly rare¬†occurrence). He’s that geeky, nerdy, awkward (adorable) guy on Criminal Minds. Oh, now you know who I’m referring to. Good. Now that we’re all on the same page let’s talk style.

In order to be considered “well dressed” one does not have to fit in to a certain type (shocker I know, coming from the Queen of preferences in men’s fashion). So while MGG doesn’t necessarily adhere to every rule we’ve set forth, whether mentioned or implied, he does have his own defined sense of style. And while he may not wear exactly what we might pick, we adore that he wears what he wants and pulls it off. The lovely thing about style is you just have to know what you like and have the confidence/guts to make it work (Tim Gunn…anyone?). ¬†Think harem pants, electric yellow tank tops, rolled up jeans or pants, old man loafers, grandpa sweaters. Years ago none of that was cool, some still isn’t, but with the right confidence all of a sudden you’re MC Hammer circa 1988.

So here are some of my personal favorites that I feel define MGG’s style (by the way, if you want to be cool just use 3 names for your Hollywood stage name. Seems to work for Sarah Jessica Parker, James Earl Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jamie Lee Curtis, Neil Patrick Harris, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar to name a few):

Nerd Glasses, sweater vests, long and somewhat-greasy looking hair, nerdy ties and button ups (this might be more of his Criminal Minds character…), grandpa cardigans, slightly vacant/high look. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s a former model (have you seen his cheekbones) or that his sister is a designer. And while I may not agree with every outfit choice of his, I respect his style and that he makes his own decisions and dresses his own way.

Cheers, Mr. Gubler.