Spotlight: Logan Lerman

All hail the king of the wallflowers. Actor Logan Lerman has been acting his whole life and has never lacked ambition or authenticity. Lerman has an effortless cool whether it is as the sword-wielding and gun-slinging (The Three Musketeers, Percy Jackson, 3:10 to Yuma) or behind the piano in Landon Pigg’s delightful song “Little Darlin'”. Next he stars as Charlie in the teen classic Perks of Being a Wallflower (there is already raves of his performance, and if you know the story, you can guess why) with the likes of Emma Watson and Mae Whitman (“As Ann as the nose on Plain’s face”) and, as a wallflower myself, I am so excited.

Besides his cool aura and even cooler blue eyes, Logan’s style is effortless but exactly on point. A mix of slim suits for red carpets and skinny jeans for days off accentuate his slender frame without making him look too skinny. He can get away with a little looser casual shirt that gives off a college vibe because his jeans fit. The man also knows how to rock a comfy, slightly slouchy sweater or leather jacket. And don’t even get me started on the beanie, well actually do, too many people wear it wrong—it should be pushed back far enough that it is obvious you have hair and shouldn’t stick out too far in the back, in short, wear it like he does.

Logan is also the master of the disheveled-but-not-messy hair. He keeps it short enough that it doesn’t need product or to be combed, but long enough that it has a little bit of bed-head sex-hair feeling. A clean shaven face makes any slightly sloppier clothes look polished and allows Logan to play characters years younger than he actually is.

The thing about Logan Lerman’s style is that whether he is dressed up for a photo shoot or to get coffee, he wears it as comfortably as his own skin.



One thought on “Spotlight: Logan Lerman

  1. It is interesting that Logan Lerman is starring in the WWII movie Fury, since he is Jewish and both sides of his family were persecuted by the Nazis for being Jewish.

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