Back to school meets Classy casual: an outfit you already own

It’s back to school for some. Usually that means a somewhat newer wardrobe and all sorts of new possibilities. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. Luckily we’re here for you and we’ve got an outfit that will pull you through, no matter what (even if you’re not going back to school). It’s how you can look effortlessly classy and still be casual. I mean isn’t that the balance we all want to walk?

While there are a few basic options to achieve this; here is one using a piece of clothing I guarantee you already have in your closet: the plain T. Now if you don’t have one of these, particularly in one of the three basics–white, grey, or black–you and I need to have a serious chat and you need to take a trip to Target. It’s completely unrealistic (and unnecessary) to drop a hundred bucks on a Burberry tee; all we ask is that you make sure your shirt is clean, fits, and doesn’t look like you’ve owned it since the prehistoric age (no holes, unintentional fading, stains or logos from the 1997 tennis tournament). A good, and always safe, t-shirt is a solid color or a fairly geometric pattern in a few colors. Others can look great, but remember this look is classy and understated, so keep it simple. And that’s all we need to start: a basic t-shirt. Such an easy piece that can still turn heads.

The other basic? Plain dark pants. Jeans or slim-cut trousers, it doesn’t matter. The pants, like the shirt, should be understated. The only thing that should be drawing attention is how good you and your body look in them, so make sure they fit!

Now to dress it up. Easy-peasy. Add a jacket, blazer, cardigan or leather jacket, once again in a dark color. And a nice pair of leather shoes. Voila, done, with four very basic pieces of clothing. Or don’t dress it up so much. Sneakers are more casual, but still look classy when clean and intact (think less Nike and more Converse All-Stars). Skip the jacket even, but only if the shirt really fits. Notice John Krasinski in the white and the pretty man in the black T in the picture, sure they are more casual than Blazer dude in the middle, but they sure don’t look sloppy or unkempt.

This look is simple, built with pieces you already own. And it can be accessorized and personalized without losing its draw. Who knew understated could get all the attention in the room; it’s almost like you are too cool for school.

-Amy & Rachel


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