So you want to be 80s neon hipster….

We have warned against almsot everything featured in this post, but if you must, here is how to do it.

Clapton Davis, You are More Concept than Reality

Now we all know that Josh Hutcherson knows how to dress (I’m sure it is only a matter of time until we spotlight him), but this post was inspired by Clapton Davis, his character in the SXSW film “Detention“. Now, I liked this movie, but I’m not going to recommend it because it is straight up bizarre and requires close attention–let’s just say it isn’t for everyone. But Clapton Davis works his style, a combination of hipster and 80s neon, like a second skin.

Let’s work from the bottom up. The first glimpse you catch of Clapton/Josh is classic bright Converse high tops–a can’t lose situation–on a skateboard–a possible lose situation. Some part of me believes that skateboards are a bit passe, but this movie and the recent Spiderman have warmed me to the idea a bit, but that might be because neither don that “traditional” skater dress. Also because he makes a skateboard date look so fun.

Anyway, moving up. His pants in this movie are wonderful (“I mean, look how tight his pants are, he’s totally gay”…he’s not) and quite daring. Among all the skinny jeans the pair that sticks out the most is the highlighter yellow. I wish I could find a picture of these beauts for you, but unfortunately the limited release and knowledge about this movie makes pictures hard to find. But the general message of the pants? Be Bold. Also they coordinate perfectly with his overall look.

Besides neon and skateboard, Clapton works another trend that we’ve already cautioned about. The man tank. But hey, he does it right. Summery, neon, confident, muscley. But in a vintage “Endless Summer” sort of way, not in an overly frat-y way.  All of his shirts serve a purpose, you know, other than covering his body, they do something to complete or make the outfit his own. They have a vintage vibe and do not match, but go with the rest of the outfit.

Now this movie goes for a big win in accessories. A statement hot pink hat. Huge orange 80s style sunglasses. Minimalistic bracelets. The key? Focus on one. Don’t put the hat and sunglasses together. Each are their own statement piece. (Okay so he might be wearing both in one picture, but at least the rest of his outfit is pretty neutral). Also please don’t try to rock the neon pink fanny pack.

Okay, so I admit, it might take a Josh Hutcherson sized confidence and quirky, campy movie setting to truly pull off this look. But it just screams summer, youth, and personal style.

Good taste is not a democracy- Clapton Davis



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