Spotlight: Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is so hot right now. His acting career and his own public recognition have exploded over the last few years, whether painted gold (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus), a victim of cloning (Never Let Me Go), or most recently as Peter Parker/Spiderman. And while it is totally obvious that he is adorable, especially with real-life leading lady Emma Stone, he also has the perfect body. When we talk about the ideal shape on this blog, at least I, mean one like his. This became increasingly clear to me while watching him in a skin tight Spidey-suit. Andrew is slender, but can still wrap his arms around Emma and make her look small (although she is tiny anyway). Strong and slender equals a man that can wear anything he wants.

Most commonly we see Mr. Garfield in an assortment of slim suits on the red carpet. While the cut is almost always the same–he knows what works for him–he has been seen in every hue of the rainbow. Or at least the darker versions of those colors, from maroon to bright blue, and classic blacks and greys. He isn’t afraid to risk it on color, which is far more do-able when you know the fit works. He also works his formal neck-wear. He wears classic tux bow-ties, skinny ties, and the more relaxed open collar look. These simple changes allow him to stay classy and look stunning, while not stealing focus. Understated. The average man, who does not have an endless selection of designer suits at his fingertips, can still use Andrew’s subtle variation to make a few items into so many more outfits.

While Andrew Garfield rocks the suits and tuxes often, he also seems to rock every other classic trend in men’s fashion. The slim-fit cardigan, the perfectly fitting t-shirt, the black leather jacket. Once again he can pull off looks because of his shape, but also because the clothes fit him–physically and personality-wise. If you are a cardigan guy, work it. If you are most comfortable in tees, look for slim fitting, classic, simple looks. Make it work for you. Also take note of the thick rimmed glasses, on trend and working.

Just as much as his clothes show off his classic sensibility, his hair also fits his personality and look, no matter the length. Shaggy or sticking straight up, his hair always looks effortlessly perfect. Also worth emulating (if you’re this good), is that adorable, awkward smile featured in The Amazing Spiderman.

And while Andrew Garfield may have missed out on a well-deserved Supporting Actor nomination for the Social Network, he has never been caught on a worst dressed list. And if his acting trend continues, he certainly has more blockbusters and Oscar worthy roles ahead of him.



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