Facial hair

Most everyone has an opinion on facial hair for men (and hopefully we can all agree to be anti on women). It’s become more apparent in the last few years with the reintroduction of the mustache (how many of us have been to a party with a photo booth and mustaches or a mustache themed party?) and the trendy hipster bearded men.  My own opinions on this one are pretty firm, I admit, but I also feel they are pretty forgiving and general.

Mustaches – I have to say that I’ve never met a man who can pull off a mustache. I take that back, if you are an evil villain (the bowler hat guy) or drive a semi or have season tickets to a monster truck rally (I apologize for the stereotypes) I could see it working. I understand Movember. I get it. but I don’t get it. If you’re going to shave the rest of your face you may as well shave your upper lip as well.

Beards- I am definitely Pro beard. It is a beautiful look that I’m in full support of. I don’t think EVERYONE can pull it off but those trendy hipster guys sure do pretty well. That being said, if you’re going to go bearded keep it clean, don’t let it get all gross and long and heaven forbid, foodie. No one wants to see that.

Goatees, sole patches, chops, side burns, anything that’s not a beard or mustache- SHAVE IT OFF. ALL OF IT. please.

Clean shaven- Every guy looks good freshly shaved. It is a general and beautiful truth. Embrace it every now and again.

Scruff- this is a tricky one. It can either be the sexiest thing ever or the most awkward thing ever. If you’re not sure which category you fit into find a friend that is completely honest and ask them. If you don’t have one of those send me a picture and I’ll gladly tell you. If you’re too afraid of either of those options keep these next thoughts in mind: if it’s patchy, it’s not working. If it’s barely visible at first glance it’s a no go.

Happy Shaving!

– Rachel

P.S. Amy’s Rules of Facial Hair: 1) I like a good mustache…until it’s real. 2) If you aren’t going to shave every day, let it grow for three and then shave. You will almost never end up with a gross beard in three days. 3) Clean shaven and scruffy are gold. Any thing else is walking on risky ground. 4) You are not proving your manliness by having a mountain man beard (or your hilarity by having one a la Zach Galifinakis).


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