Wimbledon White

Let’s talk about classy. About tradition, talent, and general awesomeness. Now maybe I am biased, having been raised in a tennis family, but Wimbledon is something to be revered. (For you laymen out there Wimbledon is the oldest of the four Grand Slam tournaments in professional tennis and generally considered tennis’ biggest prize). While the Aussies are crazy and I am listening to French music right now, and the U.S. Open usually provides less disappointments (I’m looking at you 5 Federer def. Roddick Wimbledon finals), the grass courts at the All England Club are the matches I look forward to all year.

But to the fashion—I could talk tennis all day and you don’t want that—Wimbledon has and always has had a rule that the players on court must wear “predominately white”. This translates to all white with maybe a colored logo or thin stripe. To the untrained eye, all the men can start to look alike (my family and I can identify players by the backs of their heads now). The women can have different style skirts, tops, tanks, dresses, etc. but the men become a sea of white shorts, polos, and t-shirts. Sounds disappointing, right? But in reality it is stunning.  How and why? A) It would just be wrong to not wear white at Wimbledon (the Olympic wear could easily be cringe worthy—the All England Club has lifted the white rule for the games). And B) something about all white on the pristine green grass courts is just so right. Wearing white has power. It is pure, crisp, clean, and classic. You don’t end up with shirts cluttered by logos or just plain bad golf pants. Now I generally wouldn’t suggest a solid white outfit in the real world, but look to the principle and history behind it.

Now for those of you who have been watching the tournament more closely (I admit this post should have been up a couple weeks ago, but you can still watch the final!) check out those linesmen and ball boys. I guarantee they are better dressed than you are; I know they dress better than I do. The pinnacle of preppy without being obnoxious: striped blazers with piping, ties, polos. And these are the mere common folk working on the court.

I’m sorry for such a long post, but Wimbledon only comes once a year and there is so much more obnoxious tennis talk I wanted to throw at you. But whether witty (Roddick), angsty (Murray), unknowingly arrogant (Federer), or carrying the weight of a nation on their shoulders (Murray again) the men of Wimbledon look their best by following a very old rule (1877!). And I mean it must be working, these guys end up dating/married to the hottest models (i.e. Brooklyn Decker).

And on one final note, MURRAY FOR THE WIN!!! (Because: the Brits deserve it, I’m sick of Federer, and he looks like a less cute version of Andrew Garfield.)



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