Words of advice from someone famous

Mindy Kaling

I recently read Mindy Kaling’s (you know, zany and hilarious Kelly Kapoor from The Office) book (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)) and I had to share the best pieces of manly advice I’ve ever heard. I wish I could claim them as my own, but then again I wish I could claim the whole book as my own, it’s that good. These are my personal favorites:

3. Own several pairs of dark wash straight-leg jeans. Don’t get bootcut, don’t get skinny, just a nice pair of levis without any embellishments on the pockets. No embellishments anywhere. At all. Nothing.

Levis work

4. Wait until all the women have gotten on or off an elevator before you get on or off. Look, I’m not some chivalry nut or anything, but this small act of politeness is very visual and memorable.

5. When you think a girl looks pretty, say it, but don’t reference the thing that might reveal you are aware of the backstage process. e.g., say, “You look gorgeous tonight,” not “I like how you did your makeup tonight.” Also, a compliment means less if you compliment the thing and not the way the girl is carrying it off. so, say, “You look so sexy in those boots,” rather than “Those boots are really cool.” I didn’t make the boots! I don’t care if you like the boots’ design! We are magic to you: You have no idea how we got to look as good as we do.

6. Avoid asking if someone needs help in a kitchen or at a party, just start helping. Same goes with dishes. (Actually, if you don’t want to help, you should ask them if they need help. No self respecting host or hostess will say yes to this question.)

7. Have one great cologne that’s not from the drugstore. Just one. Wear very little of it, all the time. I cannot tell you how sexy it is to be enveloped in a hug by a man whose smell you remember. Then anytime I smell that cologne, I think of you. Way to invade my psyche, guy! Shivers-down-spine central!

9. Kiehl’s for your skin, Bumble and Bumble for your hair. Maybe a comb. That is all you need. and when girls look in your medicine cabinet (which they will obviously do within the first five minutes of them coming to your place), you look all classily self restrained because you only have two beauty products. You’re basically a cowboy.

10. I really think guys only need two pairs of shoes. a nice pair of black shoes and a pair of Chuck Taylors. The key, of course, is that you need to replace your Chuck Taylors every single year. You cannot be lax about this. Those shoes start to stink. They cost $40. You can afford a new pair every year.

12. Get a little jealous now and again, even if you’re not, strictly, a jealous guy. Too much and it’s creepy and horrible, but a possessive hand on her back at a party when your girlfriend looks super hot is awesome.

Obviously I endorse her book and it’s basically the most honest piece of literature (?) I’ve ever read that I can totally relate to. This isn’t going to be a normal occurrence, this whole book recommend thing, but if you actually want to understand what normal, intelligent, naturally beautiful women actually think like, pick up this book. And laugh. For me.

But seriously, her manly advice is spot on.

– Rachel


Spotlight: Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is so hot right now. His acting career and his own public recognition have exploded over the last few years, whether painted gold (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus), a victim of cloning (Never Let Me Go), or most recently as Peter Parker/Spiderman. And while it is totally obvious that he is adorable, especially with real-life leading lady Emma Stone, he also has the perfect body. When we talk about the ideal shape on this blog, at least I, mean one like his. This became increasingly clear to me while watching him in a skin tight Spidey-suit. Andrew is slender, but can still wrap his arms around Emma and make her look small (although she is tiny anyway). Strong and slender equals a man that can wear anything he wants.

Most commonly we see Mr. Garfield in an assortment of slim suits on the red carpet. While the cut is almost always the same–he knows what works for him–he has been seen in every hue of the rainbow. Or at least the darker versions of those colors, from maroon to bright blue, and classic blacks and greys. He isn’t afraid to risk it on color, which is far more do-able when you know the fit works. He also works his formal neck-wear. He wears classic tux bow-ties, skinny ties, and the more relaxed open collar look. These simple changes allow him to stay classy and look stunning, while not stealing focus. Understated. The average man, who does not have an endless selection of designer suits at his fingertips, can still use Andrew’s subtle variation to make a few items into so many more outfits.

While Andrew Garfield rocks the suits and tuxes often, he also seems to rock every other classic trend in men’s fashion. The slim-fit cardigan, the perfectly fitting t-shirt, the black leather jacket. Once again he can pull off looks because of his shape, but also because the clothes fit him–physically and personality-wise. If you are a cardigan guy, work it. If you are most comfortable in tees, look for slim fitting, classic, simple looks. Make it work for you. Also take note of the thick rimmed glasses, on trend and working.

Just as much as his clothes show off his classic sensibility, his hair also fits his personality and look, no matter the length. Shaggy or sticking straight up, his hair always looks effortlessly perfect. Also worth emulating (if you’re this good), is that adorable, awkward smile featured in The Amazing Spiderman.

And while Andrew Garfield may have missed out on a well-deserved Supporting Actor nomination for the Social Network, he has never been caught on a worst dressed list. And if his acting trend continues, he certainly has more blockbusters and Oscar worthy roles ahead of him.


Facial hair

Most everyone has an opinion on facial hair for men (and hopefully we can all agree to be anti on women). It’s become more apparent in the last few years with the reintroduction of the mustache (how many of us have been to a party with a photo booth and mustaches or a mustache themed party?) and the trendy hipster bearded men.  My own opinions on this one are pretty firm, I admit, but I also feel they are pretty forgiving and general.

Mustaches – I have to say that I’ve never met a man who can pull off a mustache. I take that back, if you are an evil villain (the bowler hat guy) or drive a semi or have season tickets to a monster truck rally (I apologize for the stereotypes) I could see it working. I understand Movember. I get it. but I don’t get it. If you’re going to shave the rest of your face you may as well shave your upper lip as well.

Beards- I am definitely Pro beard. It is a beautiful look that I’m in full support of. I don’t think EVERYONE can pull it off but those trendy hipster guys sure do pretty well. That being said, if you’re going to go bearded keep it clean, don’t let it get all gross and long and heaven forbid, foodie. No one wants to see that.

Goatees, sole patches, chops, side burns, anything that’s not a beard or mustache- SHAVE IT OFF. ALL OF IT. please.

Clean shaven- Every guy looks good freshly shaved. It is a general and beautiful truth. Embrace it every now and again.

Scruff- this is a tricky one. It can either be the sexiest thing ever or the most awkward thing ever. If you’re not sure which category you fit into find a friend that is completely honest and ask them. If you don’t have one of those send me a picture and I’ll gladly tell you. If you’re too afraid of either of those options keep these next thoughts in mind: if it’s patchy, it’s not working. If it’s barely visible at first glance it’s a no go.

Happy Shaving!

– Rachel

P.S. Amy’s Rules of Facial Hair: 1) I like a good mustache…until it’s real. 2) If you aren’t going to shave every day, let it grow for three and then shave. You will almost never end up with a gross beard in three days. 3) Clean shaven and scruffy are gold. Any thing else is walking on risky ground. 4) You are not proving your manliness by having a mountain man beard (or your hilarity by having one a la Zach Galifinakis).

Wimbledon White

Let’s talk about classy. About tradition, talent, and general awesomeness. Now maybe I am biased, having been raised in a tennis family, but Wimbledon is something to be revered. (For you laymen out there Wimbledon is the oldest of the four Grand Slam tournaments in professional tennis and generally considered tennis’ biggest prize). While the Aussies are crazy and I am listening to French music right now, and the U.S. Open usually provides less disappointments (I’m looking at you 5 Federer def. Roddick Wimbledon finals), the grass courts at the All England Club are the matches I look forward to all year.

But to the fashion—I could talk tennis all day and you don’t want that—Wimbledon has and always has had a rule that the players on court must wear “predominately white”. This translates to all white with maybe a colored logo or thin stripe. To the untrained eye, all the men can start to look alike (my family and I can identify players by the backs of their heads now). The women can have different style skirts, tops, tanks, dresses, etc. but the men become a sea of white shorts, polos, and t-shirts. Sounds disappointing, right? But in reality it is stunning.  How and why? A) It would just be wrong to not wear white at Wimbledon (the Olympic wear could easily be cringe worthy—the All England Club has lifted the white rule for the games). And B) something about all white on the pristine green grass courts is just so right. Wearing white has power. It is pure, crisp, clean, and classic. You don’t end up with shirts cluttered by logos or just plain bad golf pants. Now I generally wouldn’t suggest a solid white outfit in the real world, but look to the principle and history behind it.

Now for those of you who have been watching the tournament more closely (I admit this post should have been up a couple weeks ago, but you can still watch the final!) check out those linesmen and ball boys. I guarantee they are better dressed than you are; I know they dress better than I do. The pinnacle of preppy without being obnoxious: striped blazers with piping, ties, polos. And these are the mere common folk working on the court.

I’m sorry for such a long post, but Wimbledon only comes once a year and there is so much more obnoxious tennis talk I wanted to throw at you. But whether witty (Roddick), angsty (Murray), unknowingly arrogant (Federer), or carrying the weight of a nation on their shoulders (Murray again) the men of Wimbledon look their best by following a very old rule (1877!). And I mean it must be working, these guys end up dating/married to the hottest models (i.e. Brooklyn Decker).

And on one final note, MURRAY FOR THE WIN!!! (Because: the Brits deserve it, I’m sick of Federer, and he looks like a less cute version of Andrew Garfield.)