The Long and Short of it

If you haven’t been outside (don’t judge by Oregon standards, think California) or looked at a calendar recently I have some news for you: it’s summer! Hallelujah, Hip Hip Hooray and all that jazz. We’ve previously discussed the male-tank (the mank? please, no). Today we’re here to talk about shorts. Not swim shorts (lucky you, that will come another day) but regular ol’, everyday shorts. I don’t have especially strong feelings on this particular subject but I do have preferences (really this blog should be called What a Man Should Wear If He Wants To Impress Rachel and Amy). Here they are:

1. No patterns. I feel like plaid shorts belong on those below the age of 12 (and they look smashing in them, I must say) or on females. I know they’ve been around for a few years now but I just think that they are A) overdone and B) done incorrectly. I say forget the whole lot of them and just go for solids.

2. Plain Jane. My new favorite thing is plain shorts. No extra (and unnecessary) cargo pockets to be found on these bad boys. Just front and back pockets and a slim fit. Yes please.

3. Color. This is another awesome trend that I’m all for. Wear a pair of coral/red shorts with a yellow belt. Or grab some Kelly green with a sky blue belt. It’s all adorable.

4. length matters. My rule is minimum of slightly above the knee (seriously, don’t go any higher) and max would be the end of your knee cap (going down, obviously).

And if my preferences aren’t enough, here’s an article with a little more opinion (never mind the date)

Truth be told nothing on this list realllllly bothers me (aside from length, maybe). If you must wear cargos or patterns, go for it BUT please make sure they fit. No one wants to see too small or too large of shorts on you. If Goldielocks could find her happy medium, so can you.

– Rachel

A Note From the Other Author: Personally I find  plaid to be the king of all patterns, but my commrade has a point when she says they have been overdone–except on tennis shorts, those are still smashing. Stripes should probably be saved for swim trunks (but can I say, pinstripes on a dark swimsuit is a delightful look). And please, please, please, unless you are actually in the military do NOT wear anything that can be described as cargo or camo–it’s not flattering and we can still see you.


2 thoughts on “The Long and Short of it

  1. VERY good points, for reals!! Holy cow- I was at Target the other day and perusing the baby aisle (where I live when I go shopping, FYI), which is right across from the mens section. Colored shorts were on sale. I had to fight the urge to by a few for my husband. I know how awesome they would look, still need to convince him. It will be done. And length? Too many guys wear them waaaay too short. Longer is better.

    And Amy- that last line had me laughing so so very hard. Thank you.

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