From the Ankle Down

Socks and Shoes. One of the simplest combos that we all learn from a young age. Your parents made you wear them so your feet didn’t get cold, stepped on, or stabbed by a ruthless pebble. But they are so much more.

Shoes, as much as one may not want to believe it, tell us a lot about the person wearing them. Sure the idea of walking in another’s shoes is not literal, but as my favorite doctor said: “The eyes can mislead, the smile can lie, but the shoes always tell the truth.”  -Dr. Gregory House. They can reveal simple truths or solid taste. A man who has paired a nice outfit with running sneakers, à la Seinfeld, is out of his element in the style world. Whereas the man who pairs his skinny jeans and deep V with worn in leather boots knows exactly what his look is–he cares what he wears in a way that says it doesn’t matter.

So what should you be putting on your feet? Leather. Okay, there are other options, especially for you vegan folks, but there is no denying that leather shoes add a certain class to any wearer. That and they will last longer than the factory-made stuff. Nice, leather shoes are not just for the office or a wedding. The man who wears nice boots or loafers with jeans is not only more stylish in my eyes, but he is confident and composed and a little bit of a rock star.

Another way to step out of the 90’s with your footwear is with color. A bright pair of Chuck Taylors or Sperrys is a great way to perk up a tired or bland look. Not sure about investing in brightly hued shoes? Go the cheaper (and even chic-er) route with bright and/or patterned socks. Sure only David Letterman is ever allowed to wear white socks with his dress shoes, but take a leaf from Joel McHale and rock some attention grabbing dress socks. Whether you are working the rolled pants trend or not, a surprising, classy (not moose-adorned or other novelty designed) pair will do wonders for your style cred.    

Now you might write this all off as the words of a shoe-obsessed girl. I mean all girls love shoes, right? Well, I am, first and foremost, a barefoot girl. I always have been, around my house and yard, even if it meant stinging nettles and rocks. But there is power in a good shoe. My leather Sperry boat shoes are hanging on their last limb because I wear them too much. Just like a good pair of heels can make a woman stand taller (height and confidence-wise), solid footwear can speak volumes for and about a man. Embrace it and invest in it. Wear your heart on your shoe.

– Amy


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