Spotlight: Eddie Redmayne

The subtle and stunning (and vastly underrated) Eddie Redmayne is finally starting to get some serious attention. Personally, I’ve been in love with him since I saw the mini-series Pillars of the Earth (the first time). But he has been doing incredible work, under the radar, for years. The Tony winner is a remarkable actor and, more importantly for the purposes of this blog, a Burberry model. Burberry has, in my opinion, some of the best models and clothes in the business, they are ones to watch.

Eddie is one of those guys who looks just as flawless in his World War I military uniform (Birdsong) and medieval  monk’s garb (Pillars of the Earth, Black Death) as he does in a tux or a sweater. Although I don’t suggest the first two looks for the everyday man, the rest of Eddie’s wardrobe holds hints for us common folk.

First of all, his clothes fit (see “A well-tailored man”). He is a slender man who can pull off the skinny pants and slim cut jackets, and he knows it.

Second, for a color blind guy, he does not shy away from rich tones that play up his oh-so-pale skin and red hair. (See “Color Wonder”).

Furthermore, Eddie is always dressed to impress. Although I have nothing against them (and I’m sure he doesn’t either), you will almost never catch Mr. Redmayne in a plain t-shirt (at least not without a tailored jacket or nice sweater to go with it). He may not be a tabloid fixture, but cameras seem to never find a bad look on him.

Basically: watch Eddie Redmayne for his brilliant acting and so you can copy his look the next day. Double bam.

– Amy


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