Color Wonder

If you haven’t noticed, color is everywhere these days. From the neon pink, yellow and orange clad teenagers to the bright and/or pastel skinny jeans found on bloggers nationwide. Color is a thing. Color has a way of doing that. Every so often we remember that it exists and it explodes across the world. I have no problem with this. Color belongs in fashion. It makes us feel bold and fearless. It makes us feel carefree and light. Basically it just really makes us feel good. Men are no exception to this current fashion trend. Every time I browse Pinterest’s Men’s Apparel board I’m overwhelmed by the amount of color I see. Be it an accessory or an entire outfit, it is here and it is staying. That being said there a few rules that should be followed when using color in your wardrobe. Here’s my list of do’s and do not’s:

DO: use color. It looks good on you. Promise.

DON’T: make me go blind. Please choose one or two pieces and go neutral for the rest. I would love to still have corneas after passing you on the street and I’m pretty sure you’d rather not look like a character Dr.Seuss created.

DO: remember accessories. Color doesn’t just have to be a sweater or pant. Shoes, hats, ties, watches, socks, man bags (if you’re into that) and even pocket squares can be colorful and add excitement to an otherwise boring ensemble.

DO: wear pink and purple. A purple sweatered man is one of my very favorites. I, personally, like pastels but if you’re feeling bold go for bright. There is nothing wrong with a man in “feminine” colors.

DON’T: think color has to be bold. Soft pastels are color too. There is even such a thing as neutral color (bottom right). If you’re new to the whole color thing, start light and see how you feel. Increase as you go.

DON’T: force it. If you’re not feeling a particular color, put it down. If you wear color you need to own it.

Which brings me to my final do.

DO: have confidence. If you violate any of my previously stated rules BUT you have confidence, who cares? If you think it looks good then it does. If you feel comfortable then be happy. Make a statement if you must. Someone should.

– Rachel


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